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I binge watched The Flash | Review – Netflix Superhero Shows

The Flash review

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I have been a huge fan of The Flash since I first saw him on Arrow all of those years ago. I consistently watched it until season 3. Mainly it was because something happened with my tv so I couldn’t keep up with watching it at its regularly scheduled time. Anyway, I finally decided to binge watch the series all over again since it was on Netflix and I figured I would share with you guys why it is worth the watch. There are currently 5 seasons available on Netflix with the 6th season currently airing on The CW.

‘So check out my thoughts on The Flash and why you should watch the show.

I binge watched The Flash | Review – Netflix Superhero Shows


The show is about Barry Allen, a young man who wakes up out of a coma with amazing regenerative powers and the ability to do things in a flash. He is currently the fastest man alive, but he isn’t the only person with powers which is what he soon finds out.

If you’re a fan of superheroes, then you’ll love this show.

I have been a fan of superhero shows ever since I was a child. I used to watch the OG DC comic shows like Smallville, Birds of Prey, and the original The Flash series. The Flash is definitely one of the best superhero shows on television. You’ll witness the greatness that is Barry Allen, the fastest man alive.

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The character development is absolutely amazing.

One of the things I enjoy about this show is how there is character development for not only the main character, but also the side characters and even the villains of the show.

The action and fight scenes will have you amazed.

I am a huge fan of action packed fight scenes. I definitely recommend this show if you’re interested in fight sequences filled with special effects.

The overall plot line of the show will captivate you.

The main things that I love about this show is how the story unfolds. Things aren’t always what you expect and they won’t always go the way you’d think. You’ll see the characters at their best moments and their worst. You’ll witness their failures and their growth which is pretty intriguing.

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Overall, The Flash is an amazing superhero show on Netflix to binge watch.

So start watching The Flash today!

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