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I binge watched a sensitive boy on Oh Jerome, No | Review – Best Comedies on Hulu

Oh Jerome No review

This past weekend I ended up binge watching the comedy show Oh Jerome, No. It was recommended to me after watching a few other comedies (Better Things & High Fidelity). Today I figured I would share with you guys why this romantic comedy series is absolutely worth the watch.

I binge watched a sensitive boy on Oh Jerome, No | Review – Best Comedies on Hulu

There is one season and it has only 8 episodes. Many of the episodes are under 15 minutes long.

The show is about a sensitive boy named Jerome who is awkward and romantically challenged. He has a rough time with coming on too strong with relationships as well as having difficulty with starting relationships. He ends up coming to terms with himself by going through changes as well as learning to accept himself. The situations he gets into is pretty bizarre. I ended up yelling at the tv “What are you doing?” practically every episode.

You see into the life of someone who is too in their head and is always overthinking the wrong things.

I am sure some of you can relate to situations where we end up making things more out of something. Sometimes it’s just all about accepting things for what it is.

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Experience the journey of someone who feels strongly and just wants to give love as well as be loved.

This is a wonderful show that goes into how feeling too strongly can be seen as a bad thing, but at the same time how the person who we’re meant to be with will accept us. Sometimes it’s really all about just being honest with yourself and being true to yourself regardless of how sensitive you are. Being sensitive can actually be a good thing with the right person.

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You see how someone easily self-sabotages themselves.

It was interesting to see how a person can easily cause themselves issues, but it’s always great when they make the realization of their personal issues before they miss out on something amazing.


I honestly would say that this is one of the best rom coms on Hulu or even that I’ve ever seen. It is refreshing and pretty funny.

So check out Oh Jerome, No on Hulu today!

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