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3 reasons to watch Better Things | review – Hulu Comedy show

Better Things review

I am always looking for a great comedy show to watch. Recently as I was going through comedy shows to watch on Hulu, I saw that the show Better Things was recommended to me so I decided to give it a watch. Upon the first view of the show I realized that it was pretty interesting.

3 reasons to watch Better Things | review – Hulu Comedy show

There are 4 seasons of this FX show on Hulu. It is a comedy drama series.

This show is all about a mom who is a voice over actress that has 3 daughters.

Each character is going through their own issues in life which makes the story pretty involved.

The main character is not only a voice over actress, but an actual actress. She is involved in a variety of different shows while also trying to maintain her personal life as being a mom as well as a daughter. The relationships that has she has with all of the characters is what I love about the show the most to be honest.

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It’s all about a person who is relatable and doesn’t have their life completely together.

She is very unapologetic about her flaws and the ways in which she carries herself in life. You can tell she is really trying. The story will hook you in.

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This is a look into the life of a mom who is trying to find the balance between being a mom, daughter, friend, and a worker while also trying to find time for herself as well as her love life.

You’ll really enjoy this if you like dramedies (drama comedy combos).


One of the things I enjoy about this is how..

People who are on the outside looking in can be pretty judgmental and they eventually begin reflecting on that. It’s interesting to see the characters reflect on their perspectives and make transitions towards growth.


Overall this is a great show to watch that will leave you hooked and wanting more.

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