3 reasons to watch Young and Hungry – Review | Netflix Comedy show

Young and Hungry

I just recently started binge watching Young and Hungry which is a comedy show on Netflix and I figured I would share with you guys why you should check out this funny Netflix show..

3 reasons to watch Young and Hungry – Netflix Comedy show

No spoilers

It isn’t about a food blogger… but it is about a personal chef that ends up having a complex dating life as she struggles to make ends meet.

I kept reading that this show was about a food blogger that became a personal chef. This led me to believe that there would be some food blogging within this show or a development of a food blog which was completely wrong. I am currently in the middle of season 2 and I’ve only heard about the main character writing a food related article once. This honestly makes me feel like a lot of people who wrote about this show on their websites didn’t watch the series unfortunately.

The show does have a decent amount of funny moments.

I started watching the show thinking I would only watch maybe 3 episodes, but I ended up binge watching a whole season. My boyfriend ended up sitting with me and laughing, watching some of the episodes. The both of us like the characters Elliot and Yolanda.

If you enjoy drama, then you’ll like this show.

There is so much relationship drama within this show. You can tell that there is a lot of miscommunication, but it does make for some interesting episodes for sure. The main character is messy and selfish when it comes to dating in my opinion… You’ll guys see what I mean as you watch the show overtime.

So that’s why you should check out the show Young and Hungry.


Let me know what you guys think about it once you finish the 1st season.

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