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March Blog Income Report + April Goals

March income report

March was a pretty rough month. With everything going on with the COVID 19 virus, there was a pretty deep decline in my income unfortunately. However I have still been trying to keep up with my blog and trying to grow my income. Today I figured I would share with you guys my income for March as well as my goals for the month of April. So check it out!


March Blog Income Report + April Goals


The purpose of writing income reports

I decided to write income reports to help chronicle my journey of making money as a blogger as well as giving me goals to reach consistently. I am hoping that these income reports that I write will give anyone interested in blogging into what the real world of blogging is like and how to learn from my examples whether from mistakes I make… or things I successfully accomplish.


Wins for March

Secured 1 brand deal.

I used a blog network and completed a sponsorship.

I pitched 3 PR brands that either emailed me or I found that they were looking for bloggers/influencers to work with. Secured 2 brand collabs.

I ended up receiving some free products from the gluten free brand bNutty and a natural chocolate brand, Choc Zero which was pretty cool. They sent me a box filled with fancy peanut butter and a bag filled with chocolate.

Is gourmet gluten free peanut butter worth the try? – BNutty peanut butter review

I tried Keto friendly sugar free chocolate! | ChocZero review



Applied to Octoly and they said I didn’t meet their criteria when I did.

I find that some blog networks can be very vague about someone meeting their blog criteria. They didn’t say anything about a limit of how many likes were needed or anything, but for some reason they didn’t accept me into their program.

Didn’t make any affiliate sales.

I didn’t really try promoting my affiliate linked posts too much. I plan on changing that this month.

My overall blog income declined greatly because of the Coronavirus.

So usually I have way more sponsorship sales on Fiverr around this time of year, but the decline has been strong with everything going on in the world. I did have people reach out to me about working with me, but I think they’re probably waiting out until things settle with the virus going around.


My Current Social Media stats

Pinterest – 11.1K followers (for some reason Pinterest won’t show my actual amount of followers, just a round up total)

Twitter – 1158 followers (-18 new followers)

Instagram – 1035 followers (no growth)

Facebook – 382 likes (+8 new likes)

Mix – 275 followers (+13)

Quora – 73 followers (+2)

Flipboard – 40 followers (+1)

Youtube – 31 subscribers (+3)

Total following = 14,094 following (+105 new followers)


January (collective) blog views: 2,249 views (-692 views in comparison to last month)

Unique views: 2,080 views (-634 views in comparison to last month)

My Youtube watch time – 6 hours collective


Amount of blog posts I Wrote in February: 35

Blog post goal for April: 20

Videos I posted on Youtube: 1


My February Income Report

Fiverr = $16

Brand Sponsorships = $25

Ebates = $0.40

Total  Income Report – $41.40


Previous Income Reports

January Income Report – $300

February Income Report – $107.78


Accomplished Goals

Create at least 4 heavily affiliate linked posts and promote it.

I created about 10 heavily linked affiliate posts.

Update Facebook blog page at least 7x.

Start packing away Winter clothes.

Start taking a multivitamin.


Failed Goals

Post on Instagram at least 9x.

Update Youtube at least 4x.

Leave at least 10 answers on Quora that are related to my blog post links.

Comment on at least 40 other websites/blogs.

Write 4 Medium articles that link back to my blog.

Pitch 30 brands.


Goals for April

Post at least 7x on Instagram.

Leave at least 17 answers on Quora that are related to my blog post links.

Comment on at least 20 other websites/blogs.

Write 4 Medium articles that link back to my blog.

Create at least 15 heavily affiliate linked blog posts.

Promote affiliate linked posts on Pinterest.


I hope that you guys found this income report to be helpful.


Let me know how your March was or your thoughts on my income report by leaving a comment down below.

Income Report

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