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20 Awesome Pineapple Home Decor pieces to add to your home

Pineapple Home Decor

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If you’re a huge fan of pineapples, then you’ll want some pineapple home decor to add to your household. I went on the search for some pineapple home decor, so check out these awesome pineapple home decor pieces that you can decorate your home with.

20 Awesome Pineapple Home Decor pieces to add to your home


Pineapple Bathroom curtain

You can liven up your bathroom with this pineapple bathroom curtain.


Pineapple lights

These lights will make your home look full of life.


Pineapple lamp

This lamp is absolutely gorgeous. I know I’ll be buying one soon myself.



Pineapple clock

Tell time with this pineapple clock.


Pineapple cookie jar

Put cookies or candy in this pineapple jar.


Pineapple storage bins

Organize stuff in this storage bin.


Pineapple tapestry

Hang up this tapestry in your bedroom.


Pineapple lamp

This lamp is absolutely gorgeous. Put it in your bedroom or living room.


Pineapple cover and pillowcases

I love this pineapple pillowcase and cover set.


Fake pineapple plant

Put a low no maintenance plant in your home.


Pineapple fabric storage containers

Add more organization to your shelves with these storage containers.


Reverse sequin pillow

This pillow is perfect to have on your couch.


Pineapple hand towels

I love this navy towel set. You can also complete the set with the shower curtain, lotion/soap dispenser, bath towels, and shower curtain hooks for an amazing bathroom.


Set of 4 Pink Pineapple & Flamingo throw pillows

IF you love pink, then add this throw pillow set to your home.


Ceramic pineapple dish

Use this dish for your keys and jewelry.


Pineapple 3D illusion lamp

Add a bit of 3D light to your home with this lamp.


Good Vibes Only pineapple pillow

This Good Vibes pillow is really cute.


Pineapple coasters

These coasters are great for when you have company over.


Pineapple curtains

If you like this white and gold decor then you should rock then you should hang up this shower curtain.


Pineapple Home pillow

Show off this pineapple pillow to give your house a homey feel.


Which pineapple home decor is your favorite?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below.

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