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7 Gifts for Mom to buy from Fingerhut | Gift Ideas

Gifts for Mom

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We all want to celebrate our moms, one of the most amazing women in our lives. However, sometimes we may not have the money to buy gifts out right. There could be a multiple of reasons why we might have a lack of funds and we are not able to do so. Today I wanted to share an alternative method for buying a gift for mom or just a gift in general. You can use Fingerhut.

Fingerhut is a website where you can apply for credit and buy items through their website while paying money on the item every month instead of spending your money out right. Having Fingerhut credit is basically like having a credit card, but you can only use the credit on their Fingerhut website or by ordering through their catalog over the phone.


I’ve been using Fingerhut for the past 6 years and it is one of my favorite websites for buying things I need or even gifts on credit.

You can check out my in depth Fingerhut review here!


Today I figured I would share with you guys 10 great gifts for mom that you can buy from Fingerhut.

So check it out!


7 Gifts for Mom to buy from Fingerhut – Gift Ideas


Buy now and pay later with Fingerhut.

Apply for your Fingerhut credit here!



If you have a mom that is a big fan of jewelry, then you can buy her a bracelet, a nice watch, or some earrings.


Comforter Set

Get your mother a cute and comfortable comforter set that she can put on her bed. She’ll definitely appreciate it.


Coffee Maker

If your mom loves drinking coffee, why not get her a new coffee machine. Buy her a Keurig or you could buy her a simple drip coffee maker.



Buy a nice smelling fragrance that she’ll adore. There is a lot to choose from.


Tablet or iPad

A tablet or iPad would make a great gift because they would be able to play games, read books, and more.


Karaoke Machine

If your mom enjoys singing, why not buy her a karaoke machine where she can perform and sing songs? She’d absolutely love this!


Sewing Machine

Do you have a creative mom? Buy her a sewing machine and sewing materials so that she can start creating her own items.


Apply for your Fingerhut credit here!


So I hope that you guys found this to be helpful.


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Gifts for Mom

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