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Fun Things to do with Family
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I absolutely love spending time with my family. There are so many things that I enjoy doing with them and I figured I would share with you guys some of the fun things I enjoy doing with my own family in case you guys are looking for ideas!

So check them out!


15 Fun Things to do with Family


Play board games.

It’s always fun playing board games with the family. Things will get competitive and some people may probably cheat, but it’ll be fun.

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Put a puzzle together.

Take sometime out to put together a puzzle. It’s relaxing and it’ll be a lot of fun solving it together.

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Watch Family Feud or Jeopardy and guess the answers.

One of the things I love to do is watch Family Feud with my family and friends. We would all gather around the tv and yell the answers while also laughing at the responses on the show.


Watch movies or have a movie marathon.

Do you have the Harry Potter collection? Watch it or have another movie marathon by genre or a specific movie trilogy… like the Matrix.


Binge watch a show on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

There are so many shows available for you to watch. Grab some popcorn and your other favorite movie snacks… Then start watching a show.


Color in coloring books together.

Take sometime out to chill and color with crayons or markers in a coloring book.


Sing karaoke.

Break out a karaoke machine or turn on Youtube and sing some of your favorite songs. Even take time out to dress up like your favorite artists too if you like.


You can also just have a dance party session.

Crank up your favorite songs and start dancing.


Clean up.

Turn some music on and do a complete deep cleaning of your home while also dancing at the same time.


Read a book together.

I remember one time when the power went out a few years back. I ended up reading my family some of the Grimm’s Fairy Tales and we ended up laughing as well as discussing the comparisons of them between Disney movies. To be honest, this is one of my favorite things to do with my friends.

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Have a picnic indoors or in the backyard.

Come up with some picnic foods to eat, make them, and lay a blanket down. It’ll be a lot of fun.


Try finger painting.

You’re never too old to finger paint. Buy some finger paints and some paper/poster boards to create some art on.


Make abstract art.

Take out whatever art supplies that you have and make some abstract art.


Create other crafts together.

You can either free ball art or you can look up some arts and crafts ideas on Pinterest.


Play video games together.

Spend time playing video games on PS4 or Nintendo Switch.


So I hope that you guys found these fun things to do with family helpful.

Let me know what you enjoy doing with your family by leaving a comment down below!


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Fun Things to do with Family

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