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10 Must Haves for an Easter Basket for Adults

Easter Basket for adults

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When Easter rolls around, I always see Easter baskets for kids filled with toys and candy. Some candies you like and some you don’t. I kept wondering why aren’t there any Easter baskets for adults? I mean I don’t know if it’s just me, but I would like to be treated to a nice surprise basket filled with food I like or items I’ll love.

Today I figured I would come up with some must haves for an Easter basket for adults if you guys are interested in making one to give to someone you care about who needs a pick me up at this time of year.

So check them out!


10 Must Haves for an Easter Basket for Adults


Harry & David moose munch

Easter basket for adults

This tasty Moose Munch is an absolute must. It is popcorn, caramel, nuts, and chocolate. I didn’t think I would like it until I tried it. I ended up snacking on this a couple of times a week for an entire month.

Check out my Moose Munch from Harry and David review!



Easter Basket for Adults

If the person you’re giving this basket to is an alcohol drinker, then you should add a bottle of wine or some bottles of liquor/alcohol to the basket. Wine coolers would also be great for this basket.



Easter egg Oreo cookies

Add some of these tasty Easter Oreos to your Easter basket.

I actually wrote a review about them here.


Toilet Paper

I know you guys are probably looking like really? However with everything going on with COVID19 and with how toilet paper is flying off the shelves for absolutely no reason…. A roll or three of toilet paper would be a happy practical surprise to add to this Easter basket for adults.


Funko pop

Xena Funko Pop

Many people may think Funko pops are toys, but they’re actually collectibles! Why not add their favorite character or artist to this basket?

Here’s one of my favorite Funko Pops, Xena Warrior Princess.


Here are some of my other Funko Pop recommendations!

Iron Man Funko

Phoebe Buffay Friends Funko

Wonder Woman Funko

Rugrats Angelica Funko

Maleficent Funko

Tinkerbell Funko

Morticia from The Addams Family Funko

Belle from Beauty & the Beast Funko

Elsa from Frozen 2


BNutty peanut butter

Another great snack to add would be some gourmet peanut butter. One of my favorite snacks is BNutty. It tastes amazing and it’s gluten free. You can put it on crackers, make sandwiches, or create tasty dishes with it.

I recommend the Blissful Blueberries peanut butter and the Irresistible Pretzels peanut butter the most.

You can buy these 3 pack sets of the BNutty peanut butter today.

Buy this set here.


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Coloring books

Add in a coloring book or two with some crayons for self care! Here’s one of my favorites… My Sailor Moon coloring book.


Here are some of my other recommendations.

Spider-man coloring book

Cartoon Network coloring book

Nickelodeon coloring book


Also don’t forget to add a box or crayons or coloring pencils along with it.



Easter Basket for Adults

Add in some character socks of the person’s favorite characters. I personally recommend keeping in touch with a person’s childhood by adding some Power Ranger socks or Disney related socks.

I bought these from Zulily. Check out my I went shopping on Zulily! | Zulily Review


I also recommend these Spider-man socks.


Full size candy

Easter Basket for Adults

You can’t have an Easter basket without candy. Add in some of their favorite candies! I recommend either buying bulk candies from Amazon or buying some from the Dollar Tree at a more affordable price.


Candies I recommend

Airheads are always great especially the blue raspberry ones.


This Skittles and Starburst candy pack is a must have!


I also would recommend this Snickers, M&M, and Twix candy pack.


I also recommend trying some sugar free natural ChocZero chocolate and syrup.

It’s healthy and it tastes amazing without the carbs and added sugar.

You can visit their website here.


Last but not least, a gift card would be great to receive.

I don’t care what anyone says, adding a gift card with the person in mind is super thoughtful. I especially recommend adding a gift card for a streaming service the person doesn’t have like Netflix or Hulu. You could even just get them a gift card to Amazon.


Overall, these are some amazing gift ideas to add to your gift basket for Adults. They aren’t expensive either. So start making a gift basket for someone you care about for this Easter season today!

Let me know what you’d like in your Easter basket by leaving a comment down below!


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Easter Basket for Adults

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