I binge watched Luna Nera – review | Netflix series

Luna Nera review

I am a huge fan of shows with magic. Recently the show Luna Nera was recommended to me on Netflix after watching The Vampire Diaries for the 10th time. I decided to check it out to see what it was all about and I was pleasantly surprised.

I binge watched Luna Nera – review | Netflix series


This is a no spoiler review!

Luna Nera is about a girl who is accused of witchcraft when foreseeing the death of the town leader’s child during childbirth. She later finds out that she is a witch and goes into hiding with a gang of witches that know more about her than she does.


This series only has 6 episodes. It is based on the Italian book under the same name. After watching this show, I am hoping that the book is translated into English soon.


If you like stories with witches, medieval times, and women showing their strength.. This is the show for you.

This show definitely gives off Salem witch trial vibes. Science isn’t exactly trusted at this time and many men that are in power do some contradictory things. However, there are powerful women who can cause change for the better. There is a lot of” trusting in who you are and doing what is right even though the odds are against you” morals within this show.


This is a very plot line focused show.

Have you guys ever watched a show that threw in a lot of action and effects to make the show better? Well this show kind of does the opposite until the last few (3) episode .


The ending definitely shocked me. I wasn’t really expecting it to happen like that at all.

I was not expecting the last episode to happen the way that it did. It was pretty surprising, but I was actually kind of happy because it left me wanting to watch the next season for sure. I am hoping that Luna Nera is renewed for a second season.

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So I hope that you guys enjoyed reading this quick Luna Nera review!

If you guys end up watching this show, let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment down below!


Luna Nera review

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