16 Awesome Family Board Games for family game night

family board games

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Looking for some fun board games you can play with your family? Check out these cool family board games you can play. I have played all of these with my family and friends so I can tell you that these are loads of fun.


16 Awesome Family Board Games for Family Game Night



Have fun sketching, acting, and more with the game of Cranium.




Solve a mystery with the game of Clue.



Play the fun Name 5 Game. It’s for ages 12 and up.



Monopoly is a staple board game that all families will play. Make sure that no one cheats or hides their money when they need to pay up.




The game of Life will always be one of my favorites. I enjoyed playing this with my family.



This technically isn’t a board game, but Jenga is a great game to play with family and friends.




You can also play the giant version of Jenga with this large yard game Jenga set that builds to over 5 feet tall.




Guess the word without saying the forbidden word with the Taboo game.




Get over 100 games you can play with this Classic 100 Games board set.



Play the game of Trouble with your family.



Play the Disney Family Feud game if you and your family are fans of Disney.



Help your family use their vocabulary with Scrabble.




This classic card games set includes games like Old Maid, Gold Fish, Crazy 8’s, and more.



Some of the people playing the Sorry game may get upset, but that’s just the rules of the game.




You’ve seen the movie! Finally play the Jumanji board game!




The Uno card game is also a great game to play with family.



I hope that you guys found this Family board games list helpful.


Let me know what some of your favorite family board games are by leaving a comment down below.



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Family board games

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