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Someone Great Review | No Spoilers – Netflix Romance Movie

If you’re looking for a relatable romantic comedy movie, then Someone Great maybe the movie for you.


Someone Great is about a girl who ends up getting broken up with as she analyzes her relationship and thinks her relationship ended because she is moving across the country. The movie focuses on the power of friendship as well as reflection through overwhelming times.. The movie is filled with relatable comedy within this rom-com film.


Someone Great Review | No Spoilers – Netflix Romance Movie


The movie is on Netflix and it is 1 hr and 32 minutes long.


‘Morals I found delightful:

Breakups can be hard or easy.. it just depends on the people and the circumstances.

One thing you’ll realize from this movie is that there is a difference within how breakups can go where things can be fairly simple to understand or it make take sometime to reflect on to understand that things weren’t as perfect as you thought they were.


Friendship will get you through the hardships while also making you realize things about yourself.

Time and time again, we learn that having friends can be wonderful. They’ll be there to support you and even judge you, but overall… They just want what’s best for you and for you to be happy.



Things I enjoyed about Someone Great


Someone Great review


The random appearances of celebrities is surprisingly delightful.

I really liked seeing celebrities like Ru Paul, Rosario Dawson, some of my favorite comedians, and many others within this movie.


You will live for the dance sessions and the random singing in the store.

One thing I greatly enjoyed was the dance sessions. The soundtrack for this movie was pretty amazing.


I love the outfits.

The simplicity of the fashion of the outfits was great. Some of the outfits the girls wore in this movie are items that I actually have in my closet right now.

My favorite characters: Erin & Cynthia (girl talking to main character at the bus stop at the beginning of the movie),



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I hope that you guys enjoyed my Netflix Someone Great review! It is an amazing romantic comedy movie that you can watch that is pretty relatable.


Let me know your thoughts if you watched this movie by leaving a comment down below.

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Someone Great review

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