I binge watched the Netflix series Vampires | Review

Netflix series Vampires

I just finished watching the original Netflix series entitled Vampires. It popped up to me as a recommendation. I can only assume it was because I continue to rewatch The Vampire Diaries over and over again. The series is dubbed and there are only 6 episodes in the 1st season.

I binge watched the Netflix series Vampires | Review

Netflix Vampires Review


Vampires is about a girl who comes from a vampire family, but she can live in broad daylight without burning to death. She doesn’t appear to be a vampire… or is she? We later realize that she is special for a multiple of reasons and that she will play a vital role for the vampire community. The development of the story is well paced so if you’re looking for a quick show to binge watch on Netflix, then this is for you.


The show offers a more realistic approach to how vampires would actually live.

One thing that always baffled me about a lot of these Vampire shows and movies was how sunlight affected them. In Twilight, vampires shimmered like freaking jewelry and in The Vampire Diaries… well vampires couldn’t walk in sunlight at all without being burned to a crisp if they weren’t wearing a magical ring that was blessed by a witch. Within Vampires, they can walk around as long as they are covered with clothing.


The plot line shows the true struggle for survival for them.

I think one thing that was interesting to me was how the family that the story is focused on basically attempts to live a mundane life even though it is a struggle. It gets interesting when you realize how everything isn’t what it seems to be.


I recommend this show for anyone who likes vampire shows and movies.

This is definitely a different aspect of the life of a vampire for sure. It’s not much action and there isn’t any magic involved in this so if that’s what you’re looking for (like I was)… you’ll be disappointed. I would definitely dub the Netflix Vampire series as a fantasy drama I suppose. I will say that the characters are quite complex within this story for sure. I do hope that it gets renewed for a second season because I did enjoy it even though it only had 6 episodes.

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Overall, I hope you guys will check it out and share your thoughts about this show by leaving a comment down below.

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Netflix Vampires

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