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4 Reasons why taking a break from social media is great for self care – Mental Health

taking a break from social media

Every day many of us end up hopping on social media and pretty much being on it all day. It has become a way of life for many of us where we can’t really live without it, but we may not see how much it is affecting our lives. Today I figured I would share with you guys some reasons why taking a break from social media is a good thing and how beneficial it can be for your overall mental health.


4 Reasons why taking a break from social media is great for self care – Mental Health


Removing yourself from social media can help you to remove negative thoughts.

With everything going on in the world being so accessible and easy to see… social media can definitely present things in a negative light that can cause anxiety or it can cause you to compare your own situations which could cause worry in general. By taking a break from social media, you will be able to barrier yourself from the negativity and protect your thoughts.

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It’ll give you time to do other things.

When you remove yourself from social media, you are creating more time to do other things. I know for me in the past social media would take up too much of my time and I would find myself either procrastinating or just not getting as much done as I possibly could have.


Gives you time to yourself.

Take time out to do something where you focus on yourself. Sometimes being on social media can distract you from doing something for yourself that’ll make you feel relaxed or better about overall life. Put your phone down and do something for you right now.


It’ll make you see the value in being within the moment instead of focusing on sharing the moment.

One thing I’ve realized is that social media can control a many of people’s lives. I remember one time when I went out dancing and I saw a lot of people on their phones recording what was happening or acting like they were having a great time… Then about 10 seconds later, they didn’t seem like they were enjoy themselves at all. Some people do it for the likes to make their lives seem interesting instead of just truly living in the present and enjoying life.

Take time to understand that you should be enjoying yourself and focusing on being happy instead of focusing on how you appear to other people on these social apps.



So those are my reasons why you should take a break from social media!

Let me know what you do when you unplug from social media by leaving a comment down below!


taking a break from social media

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