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21 Awesome Cartoon Disney Shows to watch on Disney Plus

cartoon Disney shows

Disney Plus has a load of awesome cartoon Disney shows that you can watch. I decided that I would recommend some of my favorites in case you guys were looking for recommendations of cartoon Disney shows to watch or even shows for your kids to watch. So check out these amazing shows to watch on Disney Plus!

21 Awesome Cartoon Disney Shows to watch on Disney Plus



Disney Recess


This is one of my favorite Disney cartoons. See T.J., Spinelli, Vince, Gretchen, Mikey, and Gus as they attempt to save Recess time and time again.



Kim Possible

Follow Kim Possible on her spy journey as she stops villains from attempting to take over the world and mass corporations all while trying to maintain a life as a cheerleading teenager.



Hercules Series

Check out Hercules’s life as a teenager as he strives to reach his potential towards joining his father Zeus in Olympus. See him struggle with his strength as he clumsily tries to help others.


X-Men Evolution

Looking for an action packed cartoon? Check out your favorite mutants in high school as they learn how to manage their powers and fight enemies while also trying to maintain a normal life.


Goof Troop

Goof Troop

Join a young Max and Goof as they get into a world of trouble in their daily life.


Darkwing Duck

See the triumphs of Darkwing Duck against supervillains and street criminals.


Gravity Falls

Paranormal and supernatural adventures continue to happen while twin brother (Dipper) & sister (Mabel) visit their great uncle Stan in Gravity Falls, Oregon.



Follow the original DuckTales, Scrooge McDuck along with his three grandnephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie in a variety of adventures. This is much better than the reboot in my personal opinion.


Phineas and Ferb

Check out the new projects Phineas and Ferb focus on creating everyday of their Summer vacation.

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The Little Mermaid Series

The Little Mermaid Series

I had the tapes of these series and it is still one of my favorite Disney cartoons til this day. Watch Ariel and her friends get into a ton of fun as well as trouble under the sea!


The X-Men

Check out the journey of your favorite X-Men as they attempt to fight injustices while also protecting the world.


The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

I will never forget this theme song. Come along with Winnie the Pooh and friends as they learn about life.


The Proud Family

Check out the life of teenager Penny Proud as she experiences and assortment of issues like fitting in, peer pressure, being bullied, first crushes, and so much more.


Tangled series

Come along on the adventures of Rapunzel and Flynn in their day to day lives.



Gargoyles cartoon

I didn’t appreciate this show until I became an adult. Gargoyles was a very underrated show about the statues that were turned to stone during the day and became alive at night. There was a lot of complex issues happening within this show that made it so intriguing and well worthy of a watch.



Experience the life of Doug Funnie as he navigates through a variety of issues that life throws at him in middle school.


Lilo and Stitch series

Follow Lilo and Stitch as they attempt to collect the rest of the artificial extraterrestrial creatures that have gone missing.


The Replacements

the replacements

Orphans Doug and Riley end up coming across a Fleemco ad of a phone that allows them to replace a person in their life. They end up replacing their mom with a British spy agent and their dad with a daredevil. See their adventures of how they replace other people in their life with this Fleemco phone. This was one of my favorite series to watch on Saturday morning when I was a kid.


Teacher’s Pet

In this Disney cartoon, a dog lives like a human in secret.


The Emperor’s New School

This cartoon focuses on Kuzco as he attempts to get through school to become the emperor of the Inca Empire. If you loved The Emperor’s New Groove, then you’ll really enjoy this spin-off cartoon series.


Ultimate Spider-Man

ultimate spiderman


Disney Plus has quite a few Spider-Man cartoon series, but this one was one of my favorites. Follow Spider-Man on his action packed adventures as he fights villains and teams up with his other superhero friends.



So let me know what your favorite cartoon Disney shows are by leaving a comment down below.

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