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12 Comfy and Cheap Couches under $300 | Home Decor

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If you’re looking for a comfy couch for your home, then you’ve come to the right place. I went on the search for couches under $300 and I ended up finding an assortment of highly reviewed cute couches that you can buy without having to spend a lot of money.

So let’s check out these awesome couches!

12 Comfy and Cheap Couches under $300 – Home Decor




This leather futon looks like it costs way more than it does. The drink holders definitely make this couch a must buy.



This couch reminds me of a lot of couches I see in movies. It’s simple, but stylish. You can get this couch in grey or brown.






I absolutely love this modern sectional sofa. It’ll for sure brighten up a room. You can get it in yellow, green, orange, and sky blue for under $300.




A burgundy couch will be the focal point of a room. This couch in particular looks very comfortable. It goes on sale from time to time under $300.



This purple couch is made for royalty. You can buy it under $300 in the color purple or you can splurge and buy it in colors like teal, gold, grey, or blue.



This coffee colored couch looks extremely comfortable. The cushions look pretty plushy.

I met someone who had one of these couches and it was relaxing for naps. You can buy the couch on its own or in a bundle with a rug. You can also buy the couch in black, brown, taupe, or grey.


Many reviewers on Amazon expressed that this couch was easy to put together and comfy. You can buy it in black, brown, or dark grey.



Here’s another yellow couch that is selling out pretty quickly. It also comes in different colors.



This is another great couch for taking naps. This sectional couch is a must have.

If you’re looking for a futon bed couch, this is the one for you!


This convertible futon couch is on my future home decor list. It gives me luxury high class apartment vibes. You can buy it in black, brown, dark grey, and light grey.

I hope that you guys found this guide to affordable couches under $300 helpful.


Let me know which ones you liked by leaving a comment down below!


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