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She’s Out of My League Review – Netflix Romance Movie

shes out of my league review

I am a sucker for a romantic comedy movie. I decided to check out the movie She’s Out of my League and it was pretty hilarious.

I really enjoyed how fun this movie was and how it made me evaluate how the opinions other people have of us can affect the way we view ourselves.

So let’s jump into this Netflix romance movie review!

She’s Out of My League Review – Netflix Romance Movie

If you aren’t a fan of curse words, then you may not want to watch this film.

This movie is an hour and 45 minutes long.

Have you ever met someone that seemed perfect and out of your league?

This movie is pretty much self-explanatory where you see a guy fall for a girl that he feels is out of his league. It also doesn’t help that most of his family and friends feel the same way too.

It touches on how we end up self-sabotaging ourselves.

A lot of times we don’t even realize how things could be wonderful for us, but we can stop ourselves from receiving the best things that life has to offer us. There’s some self-reflection within this movie that I absolutely enjoy. The character growth is definitely there.

Sometimes we go back to what we think we deserve.

I know I’ve caught myself going back to something that I thought was for me when it really wasn’t and I was settling. This movie definitely goes into the concept of not settling and owning who you are too.

My favorite characters: Devon was one of my favorites because of him referencing Disney movies in the film.


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Overall, this is a great romantic comedy to watch that you’ll really enjoy. You can check it out on Netflix today or you can buy it or rent it on Amazon Prime!

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