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A Hero Forge Review – My custom Dungeons and Dragons figure is perfect!

hero forge review
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I’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons for a year since December 2019 and it has been a ton of fun. I have been really enjoying it. As a Christmas gift, my boyfriend decided to have my character in our campaign made into an actual figure. He had a custom Dungeons and Dragons figure made for me by Hero Forge.

Today I figured I would share with you guys a Hero Forge review and show off my gorgeous custom D&D figurine.

Hero Forge Review – My custom Dungeons and Dragons figure is perfect!


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How long does Hero Forge shipping time take?

Hero Forge shipped the DND figure within 2-3 weeks which was understandable considering they were creating a custom item and it was during the Christmas season.

Hero Forge price

To my knowledge, the custom Dungeons and Dragons figure from Hero Forge was between $30-35.

hero forge review

The Hero Forge figure


d&d miniature


My boyfriend surprised me with this figure. You can custom create your Dungeons and Dragons figure on the Hero Forge website as well as see an overall 3D angle of the item. You can give it as many details as you like.

I was not expecting the figure to be as heavy as it was. It does have some weight to it. You can tell it’s pretty high quality. The figure was made in bronze..

My character’s name is Lita Spinelli. Her name is written on the bottom of the figure and it made me so happy to see it! The personalization of this character as exactly like what I envisioned is insane. My boyfriend definitely reflected my character perfectly.


Hero Forge


I am a Half-Elf Cleric. I have a backpack that I wear and a spear that I annihilate beasts with. Lita has long hair and she is heavy armored. I have a shield that I use a lot to keep myself safe as well as others when they’re nearby. I love that my boyfriend payed attention to detail by even adding books in front of my character since I am a Scholar. I also appreciate that he gave Lita boobs since I wanted her to have some decent sized boobs.

I’m laughing as I’m typing this.


I’m currently debating on if I will paint the figure or leave it as is because I don’t want to ruin it. It’s so gorgeous!


Hero Forge



Overall do I recommend using Hero Forge?

I do! It was definitely worth the purchase for sure. I’ve been using my figure every session since I’ve gotten it. We’re on year 2 of our first campaign and I’m hoping I can keep Lita alive especially since she has her name on this custom figure. She is everything!

So thank you guys for checking out this Hero Forge review! I hope that you all found it helpful.

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