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I bought used books from ! – Thrift Books review

Thrift books review

I have been using Thrift Books since 2015. It is one of my favorite places to shop when I want to buy a book without having to pay full price. I have saved so money just by simply buying books from here.

Today I figured I would share with you guys my experience of shopping on Thrift Books recently in the event that some of you were curious about the overall experience. So check it out!

I bought used books from ! – Thrift Books review


thrift books review

How long does Thrift Books shipping take?

Shipping for the most part tends to be free or under $4.

I ordered on February 18th. One of the books shipped on February 19th. The next book shipped on February 20th. The first book was delivered on February 24th while the second book was delivered on February 25. So it only took about 5-6 days for each book to be shipped to me. One thing you have to keep in mind about Thrift Books is that the books can come from a variety of different places. One book could be shipped from Boston, Massachusetts while the other could be shipped from Phoenix, Arizona. They’re usually shipped in separate packaging.

Thrift Books experience

I haven’t bought anything from Thrift Books in awhile so I decided to have a look to see what they had available on sale. My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up so I decided to see if they had some books that I knew he would like.

thrift books review


I ended up finding this Ramen, Soba, Udon book. You can find this book on Ebay for under $5, but it is originally priced at $8.99 on Barnes & Noble’s website. On Thrift Books, the book was on sale for $4.69.


thriftbooks review review


The Ramen books I received was in decent condition. There were some slight tears by the binding, but other than that… The books looks pretty nice.



thriftbooks review


The second book I purchased was actually a recommendation to me on Amazon. I am a huge fan of the Netflix series Castlevania. Castlevania was originally a video game that was turned into a show. My boyfriend loved and still loves the Castlevania series so sometimes I’ll look for Castlevania related items.

Amazon recommended to me The Art of Castlevania – Lords of Shadows book. The book is priced at $34.95 on Amazon. However on Thrift Books, they had the book on sale in “Like new condition” for $11.99 so I bought it.





You guys…… The Castlevania book was still in the original plastic covering! It hadn’t been opened! It was basically a brand new book! I can’t even express to you guys how freaking happy I was. I only paid $12 for this $35 book. I saved $23!

Another benefit to shopping on Thrift Books

Since I have been using Thrift Books for awhile, every now and then I end up buying enough books in order to get a free book. So they did add a free book coupon to my account that I can use the next time  order from them which is pretty awesome.

Overall would I recommend Thrift Books?

I definitely would recommend Thrift Books if you’re interested in saving money and not having to pay full price on books. They have a wide selection of books available that you can buy. Shipping is pretty quick and you can buy a lot of books in fairly decent quality without having to pay full price for them most of the time. It’s a book lovers dream for sure!


So thank you for checking out this Thrift Books review!

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