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A few years back, I came across sweat belts on Amazon. After reading a ton of reviews, I ended up buying two sweat belts. I don’t even remember why I bought 2, but I did. I used both of the sweat belts a few times and never actually attempted to use them again consistently. About 2 weeks ago I decided to try wearing these sweat belts to see if they would help me to lose weight and I figured I would share with you guys my experience using sweat belts. One of the belts I purchased was a Sweet Sweat belt since it had a lot of awesome reviews. So let’s jump into these Sweet Sweat results after 2 weeks and finding out do sweat belts work.

I used a sweat belt for 2 weeks! Do sweat belts work? – Weight Loss Results

First let me share with you guys a little bit of background about me weight and fitness wise. I was active when I was younger as in grade school, but after I graduated… I pretty much fell off of working out consistently. 2 and a half years ago I started jogging for about a month, but eventually I stopped doing it altogether again. I’ll just be honest and say that I’m pretty much lazy.

After taking birth control pills for almost 3 years, I’ve gained quite a bit of weight. I have increased in size at roughly about 25 extra pounds. Stomach rolls and back rolls have formed. They can be somewhat tragic in certain clothes. My legs have filled in (which I love).

I weighed around 146 pounds before I started using the sweat belt.

During the process of using the sweat belt

The sweat belt is easy to put on. You basically wrap it around your waist and attach it together with the velcro that is on it. It did move out of my original placement throughout my time of wearing it, but I figured that was normal.

After about 15 minutes of wearing it, I was pretty much hot around my waist. My stomach and back was drenched in sweat even when I was just simply sitting down working on my laptop.

Things I did while wearing the belt

I did workout 3x a week within these 2 weeks. In total, I worked out 6 times doing cardio related videos that I found on Youtube.

I also tried to wear the belt for about an hour everyday even though I wasn’t working out.

Sweat belt weight loss results

I lost about 4 pounds. So after my Sweet Sweat results after 2 weeks was me weighing 142 pounds. So I lost 4 pounds. However, I weighed myself again 4 days later after I had been wearing the sweat belt everyday for 2 weeks and I gained 3 pounds back. Keep in mind I haven’t changed any eating habits. I pretty much eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday. I mostly drink water and I don’t eat a lot during my meals either because I don’t eat a ton in general. I eat fruit maybe once a day and on Saturdays I’ll usually have some sort of fast food for dinner.

Now I’ll be honest, I do feel like I should have did more research on the belt…. medically. I didn’t realize until today that wearing a sweat belt can actually be counterproductive for your body because it helps you sweat off water weight versus actual fat weight. It can potentially cause dehydration because it’s water you’re removing and not fat which is unfortunate. I know I did find myself drinking way more water, but I thought it was just because of my workouts. I didn’t really think about the the water weight leaving me and causing dehydration.

I tried to find more studies on this subject, but I haven’t come across any true sweat belt peer reviews by actual researchers.



Overall, do I recommend sweat belts and do sweat belts work?

Honestly, I’m not sure. I know I probably won’t make the attempt to wear a sweat belt again for myself personally. A lot of reviews on the Sweet Sweat belt on Amazon displayed results, but those people also did workout way more than I did and for a longer period of time. I feel like results may vary. However, I do not like that I wasn’t really losing any fat and it was mostly water weight which is what turned me off from sweat belts. I mean we’re made of mostly water so to me… It just doesn’t seem like the best route to take for weight loss in my case.

Now you guys could try it if you like and let me know what your results were. They might be different from mine.

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