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My February Income Report + March Goals

income report 2020

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I am not even going to lie to you guys, February wasn’t that great financially or mentally for me. February tends to be one of my worst months when it comes to selling promotional packages for small businesses. I also feel like February is one of my more sluggish months. I didn’t do much self-care for myself and I definitely need to. I just felt drained and kind of down the entire month.

However, I am still going to share with you guys the amount I made from blogging/social media anyway even though it did heavily decrease.

Income Report Disclaimer

I am writing Income Reports for the year of 2020 as a journal log to kind of keep up with my transitions and understanding of my growth blog wise. I love reading income reports because they help me see different methods of making money with blogging and it gives me hope. I also felt like I should write income reports because to be honest, I do compare my blog when it comes to reading income reports and sometimes I feel like a lot of bloggers who write them are pretty established. This is my 2nd year of blogging on Blogging and Living so I figured it would be good to see the ups and downs of someone who might be in a similar situation to mine.


My February Income Report + March Goals

My Realizations

I’ve read income reports, but I never really see a huge decline in income.

I love checking out income reports because they give me insight into different ways to make money as well as insight on how different content can be optimized. One of the things that I have always found strange about a lot of income reports is how the growth continues for the most part, but rarely declines (unless you’re making like 10K plus a month already). I know for me my income fluctuates a lot. Sometimes I have high months (November & December) while other times I have extremely low months (February). It’s always weird to read a lot of these income reports because to be honest making money online can be unstable at different times of the year.

However, it could just be my issue personally since I make most of my money through sponsorships. I figure whenever I get more website traffic I’ll run ads and I won’t have this issue as much.

Having a month where you’re feeling kind of depressed can affect your financial growth.

Don’t get me wrong, I did update my blog consistently. This is probably the most I have ever updated my blog in a month of blogging (in the past 8 years of my blogging experience) which I am proud of myself for… but money wise, I barely hit my minimum goal. I didn’t really have a go-getter attitude in February at all. I felt absolutely blah all month practically which sucks. I barely met the goals I had set for myself because I just wasn’t feeling up to doing a lot of things this month for some reason.

I am thinking I need more sunlight and vitamins which is why I was feeling kind of down as well as sluggish this past month.

Doing taxes sucks so much.

This is the first year where I am doing taxes related to my blog and I can’t stress to you guys enough how stressful it is because I barely understand anything. I may need to invest in a book or two on doing taxes for being a blogger at some point. For now, I’m letting Turbo Tax help me out.

I want to do Youtube, but I lack the drive a lot of the time.

I originally set a goal last month to post 8x. I didn’t even post once. I did create content a couple of times, but as I was editing it… I realized I didn’t like it and the self-doubt kept kicking in. I think I need to just start posting even if something doesn’t look that great. I feel like I’ll have too many perfectionist moments and it stops me from doing anything at all. It’s pretty unfortunate.

I definitely need to diversify my blog and social media income streams if I want to become a full time blogger.

I really only use Fiverr as my main blog income, but I need to branch out into using blog networks, ads, and creating more affiliate linked content. I did make some affiliate linked content which did bring in a couple of purchases, but I won’t receive the money from those purchases for probably 60-90 days.


Celebrate the Wins

I received a $16 tip on Fiverr.

I was super excited about this because an ETSY shop owner thought I did such a great job promoting her items on my website. I plan on running an ad for the blog post and I’m hoping it’ll increase their ETSY store sales.


I am so happy about this! I had a DA of 11 for awhile last year, but it finally went up to 14 and I am so excited about it! I ended up having a few bloggers link back to my website in articles they wrote on their own blogs over the past few months. I left 6 comments on other bloggers’ websites on February 25th so maybe leaving comments can help if they are approved since the next day was when I saw the change in my DA. I hope I can reach a domain authority of at least an 18 by the end of the year.

I updated my blog a lot!

I wrote 28 blogs posts in February which I am so happy about. I hope to keep up the momentum for March as well.

Here are some interesting Blog Posts I Created in February that you guys might find helpful!


Does Flipboard bring website traffic to my blog? 1 year of using Flipboard review – Social Media

20 Ways to Market Products – For Etsy, Amazon, and small business owners

200+ Influencer hashtags to use on Instagram

Is E Rewards legit? | E Rewards Review – Get paid to take surveys!



My Current Social Media stats

Pinterest – 11K followers (for some reason Pinterest won’t show my actual amount of followers, just a round up total)

Twitter – 1176 followers (+30 new followers)

Instagram – 1035 followers (-25 followers)

Facebook – 374 likes (+6 new likes)

Mix – 262 followers (+30)

Quora – 71 followers (+2)

Flipboard – 39 followers (+1)

Youtube – 28 subscribers (+3)

Total following = 13,985 following (+47 new followers)


January (collective) blog views: 2,941 views (854+ views in comparison to last month)

Unique views: 2714 views (771+ views in comparison to last month)

My Youtube watch time – 4.8 hours collective


Amount of blog posts I Wrote in February: 28

Blog post goal for March: 20

Videos I posted on Youtube: 0


Accomplished goals

Updated my Facebook blog page at least 7x.

I updated my Facebook page 7x exactly.

Focused on creating more content people will actually find beneficial.

I did create a decent amount of helpful content which I am pretty happy about.

Be more active on Quora.

I promoted my actual blog links 3x on there and I interacted on a multiple of questions.


Failed goals

Post 3 articles on Medium. I posted one article.

Post at least 9x on Instagram. I posted 6x on Instagram.

Workout 2 hours a day for 30 days. I worked out 3x a week for 2 weeks.

Post 8 videos on Youtube (at least).

Start fashion blogging.

Post at least 15 IG stories on Instagram.

Start using Tiktok.

Pitch at least 40 brands.

Update my other Pinterest account.

Cosplay 2 characters.



My February Income Report

Fiverr (small business sponsorships) – $60.80  ($76 Before Fiverr took their 20% cut)

Not many people were interested in promoting their small businesses on Pinterest this month. So I didn’t make much there unfortunately.

Viglink (affiliate sales) – $15.26

I’ve been using Viglinks since the start of this blog. Once you install Viglinks, it will automatically link you to certain websites as being an affiliate which is great. I recommend you guys sign up for it if you want to make money through affiliate links.

Join Viglink today to start making money from products you link on your website.

Magiclinks (affiliate sales) – $0.24

Magic Links is a great website for different stores like Target, Best Buy, and much more. You receive a percentage of what someone buys from a link you post. It’s really easy to setup and they’re very helpful if you have any questions about anything. It’s great for  adding affiliate links on social media and your website. I LOVE USING IT FOR AFFILIATE LINKS FOR YOUTUBE VIDEOS.

Join Magiclinks today!

Total: $76.30


Other side income

Swagbucks (surveys) – $25

I made this in 3 days. I basically took a couple of surveys randomly throughout 3 days and made an extra $25. I kind of wish I would have took surveys everyday last month because that would have been at least $150 extra bucks for the month. You can get gift cards for Amazon, Paypal, Walmart, and other stores/restuarants.

You can join Swagbucks today and get $3 towards a gift card when you sign up with my referral link and reach 300 Swagbucks points. It’s super easy!

Ebates / Rakuten (cashback) – $6.48

I went shopping online (Amazon, Walmart, etc) and received cashback. It’s one of my favorite websites to use because not only do I get cashback, but they also inform me on sales and discount codes I can use to save even more money.

Sign up today!

Total: $31.38




Blog Expenses = $0

I spent nothing on my blog because I already paid for my hosting and domain name for the year in December.

I also didn’t invest in any ebooks or courses last month.

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My February Goals

Post on Instagram at least 9x.

Create at least 4 heavily affiliate linked posts and promote it.

Update Youtube at least 4x.

Leave at least 10 answers on Quora that are related to my blog post links.

Update Facebook blog page at least 7x.

Comment on at least 40 other websites/blogs.

Write 4 Medium articles that link back to my blog.

Pitch 30 brands.

Create more evergreen content I can share every month of the year.

Start packing away Winter clothes.

Start taking a multivitamin.



I hope that you guys found this income report to be helpful.


Let me know how your February was or your thoughts on my income report by leaving a comment down below.


february income report 2020

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