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Get FREE PRODUCTS with Influenster – Review | 8 Years Using Influenster

influenster review

If you’re looking for free stuff, then you’ve come to the right place. Influenster is a website/app that you can sign up for to receive free samples of products. The only thing you have to do is review the products or post about them on social media which also puts you in the running for getting even more free stuff. I’ve been using Influenster since 2012. I’ve received all types of things from food to makeup and beauty products.

Today I figured I would share with you guys some of the items that I’ve received from Influenster as well as more of the perks of being a member on Influenster.

Get FREE PRODUCTS with Influenster – Review | 8 Years Using Influenster

Firstly, you’ll be getting free stuff.

Every year, I receive at least 3 boxes from Influenster. I signed up for Influenster by connecting all of my social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and my blog).

Influenster will send me a survey to see if I am a good fit for a Voxbox (the name of the box they send the products in). If I’m a good fit, they’ll send me products.I receive beauty products and household products for the most part. A lot of times they’ll send full sizes of items while other times they send sample sizes.

All you usually have to do is post about them on Instagram and write a review on a website for them. Sometimes they may ask for you to Tweet about them, but for the most part it’s usually Instagram focused.

You can join here using my friend referral link and get 4 free Voxbox over the course of your first year. We’ll both get more Voxboxes!


One thing I will say is that you do have to make sure that you pay attention to your email because Influenster does send surveys randomly for you to Opt-In to receive a Voxbox and the surveys do have an expiration date. Usually the time frame you have to respond is around 2-3 days. The expiration is always at the bottom of the email.

Secondly, you’ll usually end up trying new products.

There have been a few times when Influenster has sent me new makeup that just released within the past few months to try.

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I know I tried quite a few products that I had never heard of in this one Influenster Voxbox last Summer.



Thirdly, you’ll be apart of a pretty cool community.

There are lot of other people that you can interact with that are like you on Influenster’s app and website. You can ask questions and people will give advice or answers about things from food to beauty to Netflix recommendations. You might also end up finding a lot of cool people to follow on there.


If you’re interested in getting free stuff and getting 4 VoxBoxes over the next year along with me, you can join here using my friend referral link!

We’ll both get 4 boxes!

Be apart of Influenster with me and starting getting free products soon!

So thanks for reading my Influenster review!

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influenster review

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