I tried the Limited Edition Easter Egg Oreos! – Review

Easter egg Oreo cookies

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I love whenever I am able to try Oreo’s new flavors. Recently while my boyfriend was shopping, he ended up picking up these Limited Edition Easter Egg Oreos. I was so excited! I will say that at first I was slightly concerned because the cookies are pink and I was hoping that they weren’t some sort of pink lemonade flavor. To my surprise, they were merely pink colored golden cookies. I am a huge fan of the golden cookies so I knew that these would be good.

There are 5 different egg shape designs on these cookies.

The designs are really adorable, but I didn’t really pay them attention because I kept eating them.

Easter Egg Oreos


If I am being completely honest, the pink colored golden cookies taste more like sugar cookies to me. Golden Oreos tastes a bit sweeter while these remind me of the Pillsbury sugar cookies that you bake in the oven. They taste actually kind of better than the normal Golden Oreos which was pretty cool. There is a decent amount of creme filling too because of the oval shape of the cookie.

They also have a the original chocolate version of these Easter Egg Oreos available too at Walmart, Amazon, Target, and other stores.

Do I recommend buying the Limited Edition Easter Egg Oreos?

If you enjoy the Golden Oreos, I would definitely say go for it. To me they taste better than the Golden Oreos for some reason. I am not sure why. However, I will say that these cookies are pretty scrumptious and delightful.

You can buy these cookies at Walmart, Target, CVS, Amazon, and a variety of other stores.

If you guys have tried these or if you plan on buying them, share your thoughts about them in the comment section down below!


Easter Egg Oreo cookies

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