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Is E Rewards legit? | E Rewards Review – Get paid to take surveys!

erewards review
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I decided to write an E Rewards review because I’ve been an E Rewards member for a couple of years and I wanted to share with you guys my experience of using the E Rewards website.

Is E Rewards legit? | E Rewards Review | Get paid to take surveys?

E Rewards is a website that sends you surveys to take and you can make money with each survey you take which can result in you using the money you earn per survey to spend on different things.

To be honest, I liked E Rewards much more years ago when they had more rewards to choose from that were more affordable. I can tell that they’ve hiked up their prices per prize that you choose to cash out on.

How often does E Rewards send surveys?

I want to say I receive at least 5-6 surveys from them every week so far. Of course, I do not qualify for a lot of these surveys unfortunately based on my demographics as well as interests.

What type of rewards can you receive from E Rewards?

*These are not all of the rewards, but these are the main ones I figured a lot of you might want to know about.

At the $10 level, you can receive coupons for EBags and Neiman Marcus Last Call.

The $15 level is where you can receive $5 gift cards to 3 different places, Parents magazine subscription, and airline points.

The $20 level has a couple of magazine subscriptions you can sign up for as well as a $25 gift certificate or a $25 Discount Dining Dollars code.

The $25 level has more airline points and miles as well as magazine subscriptions.

The $30 level has $10 gift cards to Macy’s, Express, ShoeDazzle, Fabletics, and JustFab. There’s also Choice Privileges points for a hotel and Hertz points.

The $35 level has a $50 restaurant gift certificate or a $50 discount Dining Dollars code. You can also sign up for People magazine or get a $10 Sally Beauty gift card.

The $45 level has a $15 Fabletics gift card, $15 JustFab gift card, and a $15 ShoeDazzle gift card.

The $50 level offers miles from an assortment of airline companies. They also have 2500 Hilton Honors Bonus Points for hotels.

The $60 level offers a $100 restaurant gift certificate or a $100 Discount Dining Dollars code, plus more hotel points.

The $70 level offers $25 gift cards from American Eagle Outfitters, Macys, and Marcus Theatres.

The $75 level offers $25 gift cards Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Sally Beauty, LongHorn Steakhouse, Express, Burlington Coat Factory, GameStop, Starbucks, and Apple ITunes store. There is also a $20 gift card to Denny’s and 4500 Hilton Honors Bonus points.

The $100 level offers more airline miles.

The $125 level offers 7000 Hilton Honors bonus points.

The $145 level offers $50 gift cards to Express, Apple Itunes, Starbucks, Macy’s, and Burlington Coat Factory.

I haven’t been actively using E Rewards, but when I was… They did have other gift cards available and they were at a lower level from what I remember, but that was years ago. E Rewards is legit when it comes to sending on gift cards and free magazines. I have’t tried withdrawing the airline miles or hotel points, but I may get some hotel points soon to try it out.

How to join E Rewards?

To my knowledge, E Rewards invited me to become a survey taker because I had been actively taking surveys on other survey sites that paid in gift cards and other rewards. I feel like the more I completed surveys, something eventually triggered the website to contact me. Although it maybe open to anyone to join right now.

Do I recommend E Rewards?

I do think that E Rewards is a great survey site to use if you are interested in any of these rewards. E Rewards is legit when it comes to sending out the rewards you choose. I do wish that they had options like Amazon gift cards or Walmart gift cards. However the higher up rewards are the ones that I would definitely aim for for sure!

I hope that you guys found this E-Rewards review helpful.

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Also let me know what your favorite survey sites are in the comment section down below.


E Rewards review

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