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depo provera review

When it comes to birth control, there are so many options out there. The first form of hormonal birth control that I took was the Depo Provera shot. It was a rather interesting experience and not in a fun way.

Today I figured I would share with you guys my experience of using depo provera (pros and cons) in this depo shot review.

I tried Depo Provera birth control – My Depo shot review

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor am I certified in the health field.

My experience may not be the same experience for you. Everyone’s body is different and yours may respond differently from mine to this prescription.


I am going to share with you guys my experience of taking the Depo shot once. I didn’t take it again because I personally didn’t like it, but you maybe interested in the benefits of using it.

They gave me the shot in my arm.

I don’t mind taking shots personally… as long as they don’t hurt afterwards. However the Depo shot hurt horribly. It also made my arm swell up and ache for about 2 weeks. It reminded me of my experience within taking the Tetanus shot. Complete and utter swelling. I had to be careful not to bump or brush into anything because it would make my arm ache.

One of the things I loved was that I only needed to get the shot once.

You get the shot once and you’re pretty much done. You don’t have to worry about taking or doing anything for birth control again all month because it does its job. You don’t have to worry about taking anything or checking on anything. It’s one of the most set it and forget birth control options you can use.

I hated spotting throughout the months of using it.

I have never spotted in my life, but when I was on Depo Provera… I spotted throughout the 3 months which I didn’t like. I had to make sure to always wear a pantiliner. I feel like this differs from person to person like most side effects, but I personally wasn’t a fan of this at all. I ended up ruining a few pairs of underwear which was unfortunate because I didn’t realize I might spot after taking the Depo shot.

Even though this was the first form of birth control I tried, I didn’t have nausea after taking it.

I experience nausea quite regularly within taking birth control pills, but with the Depo shot… I didn’t have much nausea at all.

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Did I gain weight after I took the Depo shot?

I didn’t gain any weight. Of course, I probably might have if I had used it for a longer period of time (at least 6 months)… but in my case I pretty much stayed the same size as well as pounds.

Slight facial hair developed on my chin.

I don’t know if it was just me, but after about 2 months of being on the Depo shot… I had one of those dark shadows develop. It looks a little peach fuzz-ish if that makes sense and ever since taking that shot I do get a few chin hairs growing in that are rather long which sucks.


Pros of Depo Provera shot

  • Only need to take it once every 3 months.
  • Fast and easy experience because you just take a shot
  • I didn’t experience any nausea like with birth control pills.

Cons of Depo shot (in my case)

  • Swollen arm after shot was taken
  • Spotting throughout the 3 months of it being in my system
  • Facial hair on chin

Do I recommend taking Depo Provera?

Honestly, if you’re a person that wants a simple form of birth control that you don’t have to remember to take everyday.. Then this might be the better option for you. I personally didn’t like it mainly because of the spotting and facial hair that still remains years later. However, your body may react differently to the shot than mine did.

So I hope that you guys found this depo provera review / depo shot review helpful!

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depo shot review

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