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I bought a Mrs. Field’s Appreciation Box gift set from Fingerhut – Review

fingerhut review
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I am a big fan of Mrs. Field’s cookies. Whenever I visit a mall that has one, I have to stop by to purchase some chocolate chip cookies. When I was scrolling on Fingerhut checking out items that were on sale, I came across a Mrs. Fields Appreciation Box. So I figured I would share with you guys what I received in the box and how everything tasted. So let’s jump into it!


I bought a Mrs. Field’s Gift Set from Fingerhut – Review



How long did Fingerhut shipping take?

Fingerhut shipping took about 4 days and it was delivered to me through UPS.



The Appreciation box included 18 cookies and 12 brownie bites (but it was basically 2 brownies split into 6 pieces.



Chocolate Chip cookies

There were 6 chocolate chip cookies in the box. They honestly didn’t taste the way Mr. Field’s cookies taste when you actually buy them from the Mrs. Field’s bakery, but they were still pretty good. They were soft and chewy.




Snicker Doodle cookies

There were 6 of these cookies in the box. The snicker doodle cookies were my favorite. They had a great texture. They were soft and they tasted exactly the way snicker doodles should taste. I didn’t warm them up, but if I had I knew they would have been amazing. My boyfriend loved these cookies and they were his favorites as well.




Triple Chocolate & White Chocolate Macadamia Nut

There were also 6 of these cookies. These were surprisingly really good. I would say these were my second favorite, but they were pretty sweet. The chocolate was really rich and I wasn’t sure whether I was eating Macadamia nuts or white chocolate, but it tasted delicious.



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Toffee Brownie

The toffee brownie was absolutely disgusting to be honest. It had a weird mixture of flavors that wasn’t pleasant. I only had a little piece, but I would never eat it again. My boyfriend also tried some of it and he hated it. He expressed that it tasted pretty bad. He also shared with me that it tasted slightly minty to him and that the texture was weird.



Double Chocolate Brownies

The double chocolate brownie was also quite nasty. I don’t know what it was, but the brownies weren’t edible at all. I wouldn’t recommend these.



I know I for sure will be sticking to eating Mrs. Field’s cookies or I’ll try the brownies at the actual store versus buying the box online. There maybe a difference if you buy them fresh in person.


So overall, this was my Fingerhut review of the Mrs. Field’s Appreciation gift set. I hope you guys enjoyed it.


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