I watched the Korean drama.. Seducing Mr. Perfect – Amazon Prime Movies

amazon prime movie
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I am starting to get into romance Korean dramas, so I thought I would find a new movie to watch on Amazon Prime. I decided to check out Seducing Mr. Perfect and I figured I would share with you guys why you should watch this romance movie on Amazon Prime.

I watched the Korean drama.. Seducing Mr. Perfect – Amazon Prime Movies

amazon prime movie

This movie follows a woman who ends up in a slight car accident and ends up having her world changed. She reflects on her relationships with men and enlists the help of an unexpected character to assist her within her learning how to get what she wants within dating/relationships.

This movie is a mixture of subtitles and English speaking.

If you want a movie that will slightly break your heart throughout the process while also make you feel good at the end…

This movie made me feel a variety of feelings within watching it. From annoyance to empathy to judgment to overall joy. You’ll understand what I mean when you watch the movie.

This movie made it easy to see how people can manipulate.

One of the things you’ll see is the knowledge of how when it comes to dating people will manipulate to get what they want. They will play games instead of being honest with their true self about their wants, needs, or even their overall flaws.

It also made me see how some people can be easily manipulated.

When you yearn to be with someone, sometimes you’ll become weak for them and you’ll try your hardest to do anything as well as everything to please them at the expense of your own happiness.

The moral of the story is..

Be yourself at the end of the day. Live for you and love how you love.

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Overall, this story is a great watch if you’re looking for a romantic drama film. I personally enjoyed it and I definitely recommend it. Watch it on Amazon Prime today!

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