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6 reasons to watch High Fidelity | Review – Hulu Series

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Ever since I saw the commercial for the Hulu Original High Fidelity, I knew I had to see it. I saw that it was starring Zoe Kravitz and I’m a biased huge fan of her’s… Mainly because of her band Lolawolf and her fashion aesthetic as well.

High Fidelity is based on the movie High Fidelity that came out in 2000. The original starred John Cusack, Jack Black, Steve Pink, Iben Hjejle, and many others (along with Lisa Bonet, who is the mother of Zoe Kravitz the main character of the Hulu series).

I binge watched the series all day yesterday since there are only 10 episodes in the first season and I figured I would share with you guys why you should watch High Fidelity. So check it out!

6 reasons to watch High Fidelity on Hulu

The show follows Rob (Zoe Kravitz) who is a record store owner who shares insight into her life as well as her relationships. The focus revolves around her past lost loves and her reflecting on her current love life along with her friends/co-workers.

If you like romantic comedy dramas, this is the show for you.

The series covers the transition of relationships from the honeymoon stages to realizing seriousness as well as flaws of those you get involved with. One of the things I really appreciated within this series was the realization of flaws within the people dating the main characters as well as the actual main characters. You realize that they aren’t perfect at all and that they know they have issues that they need to work on.I enjoy the concept of the fourth wall break where the character discusses their life reactions with the audience.

Shows like this make me really happy because as a viewer you’ll feel more connected to the character as well as included as the story goes on.

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The dynamic of the characters were all wonderful.

The personalities were different, but also similar. I enjoyed all of the interactions with the characters where you saw issues unfold with each other as well as the build upon the growth of how important friendships / bonds can be.

The show is also kind of relatable to some degree.

The look into the demise of a multiple of relationships as to evaluate why things didn’t work out. Many of us may question why things ended or didn’t last long with an assortment of past situations and if you aren’t paying attention, you might have forgotten the issues you might have had as well as the issues the other person.

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The layers of the relationships and the self-reflection….

This is one of the first shows I’ve seen where you actually see characters become aware of their flaws and how they need to work on changing for the better instead of remaining the same. It’s refreshing.

The music is absolutely wonderful.

I have so many songs that I heard on this show that I have now added to my music playlists. I enjoyed the focus of passion for music within this series and how it was integrated into the lives of the characters.



Overall, this is a Hulu Original Series that will be sure to captivate you. Whether you’re looking for relatable situations, drama, music inspiration, or even a bit of comedy…. This show has it all.

So head on over to Hulu and watch High Fidelity. You won’t be disappointed.

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