Getting Ready for the Spring Season with Femme Luxe – Review

I received the items featured in this blog post for free in exchange for a blog post.


I am so happy because I always love whenever I collab with Femme Luxe. If you’re looking for cute clothes to wear, then Femme Luxe is a great place to shop. They offer dresses, jackets, pants, tops, loungewear sets, and more. You will find an assortment of clothes that range along the casual side to the more fancier side. I am preparing for the Spring season because I would like to add some more Spring pieces to my wardrobe. So I decided to choose some more items from Femme Luxe to wear and I figured I would share them with you guys.


Getting Ready for the Spring Season with Femme Luxe – Review


How long did Femme Luxe shipping take?

So before I jump into the items I received, let’s discuss the shipping. It took exactly 15 days for the items to be shipped to me. Femme Luxe shipped to me in roughly 2 weeks.



Femme Luxe Clothing


femme luxe review


The first item I received was a black satin puff sleeve cuffed crop top in the size 14. I absolutely love the sleeves on this top. They are very swanky. This probably the most fanciest crop top that I own. This would go great with high waisted jeans or a high waisted skirt. I personally would love to wear this with a cardigan or blazer over it.



femme luxe review


The second item I received was this black glitter sparkly high neck bodycon mini dress. I chose a size 16 because I wanted it to flare out a bit, but it did not really flare out when I put it on. The dress is in fact quite sparkly. If your order this dress you might have a few flecks of glitter fall off, but it wasn’t too too much. This is the perfect dress for a fancy night out with some friends or for a nice date night with your significant other.

I would either pair this dress with a belt to cinch the waist to make it look like I have a more hourglass figure. I would even wear it with black lace tights too and maybe put a blazer on over it. A nice necklace would look great with this dress too.

If I wanted to dress it down, I would either wear a denim jacket over it or maybe even a cute cardigan.


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femme luxe review


The third piece of clothing I received was a silver glitter metallic plunge bodycon mini dress (Loudres) and I chose a size 14. The dress was pretty short. It probably hit me around the mid thigh area. You would definitely have to wear a slip with this dress for sure because it does appear to be kind of see through a bit. The dress does fit snuggly on me for sure. I would wear a leather jacket over this dress or a black blazer with it. I think that it would really pull the look of this dress together for sure.



femme luxe


The fourth item was the same bodycon dress, but just in the color red although it does look kind of on the pinkish side. This was also in a size 14. I do not own a slip that I could wear with this dress so I basically layered the dresses when I wore each of them. I figured it would be a potential issue when I ordered them so I prepared ahead. That’s a quick tip.. When it comes to buying bodycon dresses online, it’s always good to buy 2 of them so you can layer in the event that they are see through. Plus you’ll have an extra dress to wear in your wardrobe rotation.

I would honestly wear this dress as a shirt and tuck it into a skirt. I would even pair it with some jeans. You could wear this dress as a casual look or even dress it up with a beautiful necklace and a cute blazer.

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So those were the items that I received from Femme Luxe.

There are so many clothing pieces to choose from


What items would you wear yourself from the items I chose?

Let me know your thoughts about the items by leaving a comment down below.

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