3 reasons to watch 200 Pound Beauty – Amazon Prime Movie | Korean Drama

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I decided to take sometime out to watch something on Amazon Prime. I came across this Korean dramedy (Drama & Comedy) in my recommendations and I decided to give it a shot since it was ranked as a popular movie with 5 stars. You guys when I say this movie wasn’t what I was expecting, it really wasn’t. There is a high dash of the romance/love aspect, but it is very different from other movies I have seen and I actually enjoyed it.

So today I will share with you guys my thoughts on the movie 200 pound beauty.

3 reasons to watch 200 Pound Beauty – Amazon Prime Movie | Korean Drama

The story follows a woman who has a beautiful singing voice, but is placed behind the curtains of a petite singer because of her looks. She is in love with someone who she feels doesn’t truly see her. She takes matters into her own hands and decides to change the way she looks, but is it for the better?

If you like Korean dramas..

You will enjoy this movie. The drama is truly present, but there are a lot of comedic moments. This is my first time watching an actual Korean drama and I found it to be pretty interesting. The plot line and concept of the story was transformative, but also pretty sad. Be forewarned, I ended up crying in tears by the end of the movie. So just a heads up if you’re an emotional person like myself. The acting in this movie is wonderful.

The main character is…

wonderful. I loved her personality and how clumsy she was. She really went through a lot of growth within understanding other’s outlook about her as well as her own personal outlook about herself as the movie went on.

It makes you question the concept of beauty and image in society.

This movie will make you think about how much weight is placed upon beauty and how looks can affect the way people treat you for sure. I know it even made me think about how people treat me differently when I wear makeup versus how they treat me when I don’t.

This movie is definitely worth the watch for sure! So go ahead and watch it today

What Korean dramas are you watching on Amazon Prime?

Let me know in the comment section down below!

amazon prime movie

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