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I used Nikki Birth Control – Review of my experience of Nikki birth control pills

nikki birth control review

Hello everyone! If you’ve come here, you most likely want to know about my experience using Nikki birth control. I am documenting my experiences with past birth control pills I’ve used in the event that any of you were curious about the side effects. I can pretty vividly remember my experience within using every birth control pill I’ve taken since all of them had their pros and cons.


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor am I certified in the health field.

My experience may not be the same experience for you. Everyone’s body is different and yours may respond differently from mine to this prescription.

Nikki was the second birth control pill that I took that was covered by my insurance completely. I took it for about 6 months in the earlier part of 2018.

Nikki was the first birth control pill that I received in a set. They gave me 3 sets of 28 pills to last me 3 months in a big box.

I used Nikki Birth Control – Review of my experience using Nikki birth control pills

Pros of Nikki birth control pills

My period was a bit lighter, but not too big of a difference. 

My periods are normally heavy, but the only difference I noticed was that my first day wasn’t as heavy as it was before.

My acne was decent.

I have read that acne can be affected when taking birth control. My acne didn’t really change too much. I didn’t notice it getting any better or any worse while taking Nikki.

I didn’t gain weight.

The weight gain had not hit me when I used Nikki. Other birth control pills did affect my weight, but Nikki was not one of them. So I was extremely happy about that since I had heard about how birth control can make you gain weight.

Cons of Nikki birth control pills

I had occasional nauseousness.

I don’t know what it is about some birth control pills, but some of them definitely make me feel a range of nauseousness. I don’t know if it’s just me, but that’s what my experience has been like. I had nausea probably every other couple of days when I used Nikki.  I had lesser nausea in comparison to the first birth control pill I tried, but it was still pretty consistent.


Also… I attempted to try to “skip” a period with using Nikki. I read online about how you can skip periods if you take just the hormonal pills and skip the placebo pills.

It unfortunately didn’t work for me. I ended up still having a period, but it was a bit lighter than usual.

I feel like it’d be best to take the pills how you are supposed to. I know for me it knocked me off track for taking my birth control pills. I ended up having to match myself back up with my menstrual cycle.

Do I recommend Nikki birth control pills?

Overall, Nikki was a decent birth control pill to take. I personally didn’t have any issues with it, but because it stopped being covered completely with my insurance… I ended up switching over to another birth control pill. I would recommend it, but again remember that everyone’s body is different. The response my body had to this birth control may not be the same as yours.

I hope that you guys found this Nikki birth control review helpful. Let me know your experience in the comment section down below.


nikki birth control review

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