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January Income Report 2020 + February Goals

income report

This post contains affiliate links. See Disclaimer here.


For 2020 I decided I would start writing income reports to track my growth for my blog as well as social media financially for the year. I have been reading income reports from blogs for years and a lot of times it seemed very overwhelming. Sometimes I would wonder how different blogs even reached that point of making as much because it seems unimaginable for me. Sometimes it still seems out of reach, but I would still like to become a full time blogger completely at some point.

This is year two of Blogging and Living, so I figured I would start writing income reports as well as share with you guys my journey and my results of becoming a full time blogger.

January Income Report 2020 + February Goals

This will include all income that came from social media and blogging:

Fiverr – $292  (originally $325, but after Fiverr’s cut)

I make money selling a variety of packages on Fiverr for small business Pinterest sponsorships as well as blog post sponsorships on this blog. I’ve been using Fiverr to make money for about a year and a half now. It’s a great way to make some extra money on the side for sure while also helping businesses reach potential customers.

Check out my blog post, I made $3000 in 9 Months as a Pinterest Influencer.

Viglinks (affiliate sales) – $0.20

I’ve been using Viglinks since the start of this blog. Once you install Viglinks, it will automatically link you to certain websites as being an affiliate which is great. However sometimes you do have to turn off the automation for specific keywords since it can link affiliate links to keywords in blog posts. However it’s a great way to get random money, especially if you make gift guides from time to time.

Magiclinks (affiliates sales) – $0.36

Magic Links is a great website for different stores like Macy’s, Hot Topic, Target, Best Buy, and much more. You receive a percentage of what someone buys from a link you post. It’s really easy to setup and they’re very helpful if you have any questions about anything.

Tailwind $15 (account referral affiliate)

I use Tailwind for scheduling posts to Pinterest so that I can stay consistent with updating as well as marketing my own content. It’s $15 a month, but if you sign up using my link you get your first month free.

Tailwind is one of the reasons why my Pinterest account was so successful.

Check out my 2 Things I Did To Increase My Pinterest Monthly Viewers to 5 Million blog post.

Total = $307.56


I didn’t spend any money on anything for my blog this month.

I do have Siteground hosting, but I paid for the entire year in December 2019. I also paid for my domain for 2020 as well in 2019.

Wins for January

Someone bought a shirt I wore in a Youtube video.

The video only had 26 views at the time which is why it was pretty awesome that someone decided to buy the shirt I was wearing. 1 person in 26. I know that might not be a lot, but thinking about it…. if I can ever reach thousands of views on a video where I can include an affiliate link…. That would potentially be a decent amount of side hustle money.

Youtube actually might be a great source for me to make money through affiliate sales. This is going to be something I focus on this year.

All of my Youtube videos reached double digit views.

Again this doesn’t sound like a big win, but it was all organic views and I still get views daily on Youtube which is pretty cool even if it isn’t a lot.

Someone purchased my first blog sponsorship package for Etsy sellers.

I was really excited about this and I’m working on their dedicated blog post now. I hope to do their business justice so I am going to try to help them as much as I can.

More PR companies are reaching out to work with me.

I received about 7 or 8 PR emails a weekday this past month which was pretty cool. I’m hoping to grow my reach so that I can work with more PR companies more consistently.

Someone tipped me $5 on Fiverr.

It’s always nice when someone gives me a tip. It makes me feel way more appreciated as an “influencer”. People usually tip me because I give them a lot of advice on how to grow their Pinterest reach with their brand though.


Fails for January

Not as many Pinterest sponsorships for January unfortunately.

January is usually a pretty slow month for me . I am hoping next month I’ll be able to increase my sales since Spring will be just around the corner.

Didn’t really focus on creating affiliate links and marketing them the way I should have.

I need to focus on creating posts that can include affiliate links. The potential is there to make money, but I almost never really focus on creating content for affiliate links. This is something I will have to work on for February.

I didn’t apply to any blog network sponsored posts.

I feel like I have the hardest time getting accepted into sponsored post collaborations on blog networks. I feel like it is potentially because I am not as active on Instagram as I should be so I didn’t feel like I should even attempt to apply last month. I slacked off heavily with Instagram so hopefully I can reach my Instagram goal of posting at least 3x a week on Instagram.

My Current Social Media stats

Pinterest – 11K followers (for some reason Pinterest won’t show my actual amount of followers, just a round up total)

Twitter – 1146 followers

Instagram – 1060 followers

Facebook – 368 likes

Mix – 232 followers

Quora – 69 followers

Flipboard – 38 followers

Youtube – 25 subscribers

Total following = 13,938 following


Janurary (collective) blog views: 2,087

Unique views: 1,943


Amount of blog posts I Wrote in January: 16

Blog post goal for February: 20

Videos I posted on Youtube: 4



February Goals

Post 8 videos on Youtube (at least).

I have about 19 ideas for Youtube videos to post in February, but I know I most likely will end up being lazy and not posting them all.


Start fashion blogging.

Fashion blogging has always been something I wanted to do. I plan on dropping at least 10 fashion posts this month.


Post at least 9x on Instagram.

I plan to drop at least 3 posts a week for February and I am hoping I can be consistent with it.


Post at least 15 IG stories on Instagram.

I rarely ever post to my stories, but I am going to start experimenting to see what drives growth on Instagram.


Update my Facebook blog page at least 7x.

I almost never update my Facebook page, but I need to since it does bring me traffic from time to time.


Start using Tiktok.

So I’ve been reading up a lot about how easy it can be to grow on Tiktok. I may just open an account and look through some of the content first to get an understanding of Tiktok then I’ll potentially start posting at the end of the month. I would love for potential Tiktok followers to convert over to my other social media.. so we’ll see.


Be more active on Quora.

Try to post at least 30 of my own links to this blog along with me answering other questions without my links.


Post 3 articles on Medium.

I want to see if I can cross-promote traffic from Medium to my blog. Hopefully it’ll work.. Hopefully.


Focus on creating more content people will actually find beneficial.

A lot of times I feel like I am just writing and posting content for myself, but not for my actual audience. I will actually probably work on creating some more Pinterest driven content. I’ll do this by looking up keywords on Pinterest.

Check out my 3 ways to find Pinterest Keywords.


Update my other Pinterest account.

So I have another Pinterest account that is specifically related to this blog, but I rarely update it even though I know it brings me traffic. I plan on posting at least 30 pins from this website to it in February.


Pitch at least 40 brands.

I almost never pitch brands and I feel like it’s all out of fear. The last time I pitched a brand was around November. So hopefully I can do it without feeling too much self-doubt. I mean the worst they can say is No or just not respond at all.



Personal goals

Workout 2 hours a day for 30 days.

I’ll most likely just end up walking in place for 2 hours. Something simple so I can feel somewhat active.

Cosplay 2 characters.

So even though I am a cosplayer, I don’t think I actually cosplayed all last year so my goal is to complete at least 12 cosplays by the end of 2020.



I hope you guys found this first income report of 2020 interesting or even helpful. I’ll be back again next month with another income report.

Also don’t forget to share this post across social media! I’d greatly appreciate it!


income report

(3) Comments

  1. Hi Jasmine. I enjoyed reading this… thank you for being so honest.

    Making a living online is tough these days but it’s amazing to hear anyone’s story. The money you made in January probably took quite a bit of work and it may not be enough to sustain you right now. However, you’re laying the foundations for something that will!

    The one thing I know for sure is that it’s a long-term commitment that changes things. Almost every blogger I know about who makes a full-time living from their blog has been working on it for years. This gives us all something to aim for.

    You’re in Year 2 now, so this is when things start to change for bloggers in my experience… most people give up long before this because it’s tough!

    I’m going to feature you in my next blog post along with other bloggers who are working hard to build up a business. I want to show the reality of blogging rather than the income reports of “uber-bloggers” who set unrealistic expectations. They are of course inspiring, but I am equally inspired by anyone putting themselves out there and making money for themselves. I’ll drop you a mail when it’s live.

    Good luck to you. Stay committed and keep working hard!

    1. It is definitely tough to consistently make income online as a blogger initially. I know I used to compare myself a bit to the bigger bloggers and contemplate how I could ever even reach that point. It is a lot that goes into it for sure that isn’t instant and takes time. It’s also pretty competitive (as far as working with brands), but it can be done as long as you keep learning and applying what you learn. I am definitely trying to work my way up to doing it full time for sure.

      Thank you for even considering me to be featured in your blog post. I really appreciate it! I look forward to reading it and I’ll keep staying committed/working hard!

  2. Hi Jasmine, Thanks for posting your income report. These are the types of posts that motivate me to keep trying and help me to know it’s possible to make an online income. Thanks for sharing some of the other stats too, it gives me good ideas on what I might look for as I start this process.

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