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I bought Dragon Ball Z Art from Wizyakuza! – Future Trunks 3D anime art

dragon ball z art
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So I’ve been obsessed with the website Wizyakuza because of all of the awesome art that is available there by the artist Wizyakuza.

You can find a variety of art from Marvel to DC to Dragon Ball Z to Tokyo Ghoul to My Hero Academia art.

I recently purchased some art from the website and I figured I would share it with you guys.

I bought Dragon Ball Z Art from Wizyakuza! – Future Trunks 3D anime art

I bought some Dragon Ball Z art of Future Trunks for my boyfriend as a Christmas present and he absolutely loved it!

dragon ball art

This 3d anime art shows off Future Trunks in 2 different outfits; him in his purple jacket and brown belt.. then him in his blue jacket and red scarf with a silver belt.

Whenever someone walks past it, you can see the shape shift of Future Trunks.

How much did this anime artwork cost?

I bought this artwork when it was on sale for $17.49, but it is originally priced at $24.99. Shipping cost me $7.99.

3d anime art

How long does Wizyakuza shipping take?

Shipping took 5 days to get to me which was pretty fast. I also appreciated that they sent me update emails on when the artwork was out for delivery and when it was actually delivered to my home. Wizyakuza shipped the anime art through USPS.

Art Quality

So the art is really high quality. It looks like I paid a lot for this piece when it wasn’t expensive at all. It looks amazing in this Walmart frame I purchased specifically for it.

Would I recommend buying this Wizyakuza artwork?

I definitely would! If you’re interested in buying it, here it is! Also check out the first art version and the second art version if you’re not interested in buying the 3d Future Trunks artwork. They’re only $14.99 for the prints.

I would also recommend checking out their entire store because they have so many different pieces of different characters that you’ll love!

So head on over to Wizyakuza’s website today for more anime art!


I hope you guys enjoyed this Wizyakuza Dragon Ball Z art review.

Let me know your thoughts about this art by leaving a comment down below!

dragonball z art

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