14 New Songs I’m listening to this January – New Music 2020

new music 2020
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I am starting a monthly segment where I share with you guys new music that I found.

This month I ended up finding an assortment of songs from Jhene Aiko to Missy Elliot and a couple of other artists you probably haven’t heard of.

Check them out!


UMI is so talented. The music is beautiful and the music video does a great job showing what is being felt in the song.



I just want to vogue when I hear this..


This song is everything.


The soul that this song has…. It is absolutely lovely!




This is currently my hype song. Normani and Megan Thee Stallion are serving all the looks.




See Doja Cat do her thing in this song from the Birds of Prey soundtrack. The music for this soundtrack is everything!




Her flow is everything!




This is giving me all types of old school r&b vibes. I will always love Missy!




This is currently my favorite walking song. I just play this and walk.




I just found this artist and I am loving his music.





I took French and I can’t recall enough to tell you what she’s saying, but I love the way she sounds. LOL




This is reminding me of the late Aaliyah. Jhene did that!




I don’t know what it is, but Rico Nasty always makes me pumped. Her music stays on my workout playlists.




This is currently my cleaning song that I dance around my apartment to.




I hope you guys enjoyed this new music I found on Youtube this month.


Let me know your thoughts on what songs you liked.


If you have any music you want to recommend or share with me, let me know by leaving a comment.


I love finding new music to listen to!

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