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This gorgeous heart necklace is absolutely stunning! – Jewelry for your Girlfriend

heart necklace

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On our anniversary, my boyfriend bought me this beautiful heart necklace and I figured I would share it with you guys since it would make a wonderful necklaces to give your girlfriend if any of you guys are in the market for jewelry.

This gorgeous heart necklace is absolutely stunning! – Jewelry for your Girlfriend

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This is the Leafael “Infinity Love” Heart Pendant Necklace Made with Swarovski Crystals. This necklace has a variety of birthstones that you can actually choose from, but you don’t necessarily have to choose your own birthstone. The one my boyfriend bought me was Opal White Color Crystal which is the April Birthstone. My birthday isn’t in April, but I absolutely love Opal jewelry and preferred this in comparison to the Amber brown crystal for the month of November.

It even has matching earrings that you can buy.

jewelry for your girlfriend



The necklace is $39.99 plus free shipping.


amazon review



The necklace comes with a white gold plated silver chain and it has a Lobster clasp which makes it easier to put on.

The pendant isn’t big. It’s 0.5″ x 0.9″ in size.

It’s not heavy at all when worn on the chain around your neck.


So if I am being completely honest, the only thing I don’t like about this necklace is the actual chain. It doesn’t seem like it is high quality. I like the actual pendant stone, but I would recommend buying a different chain if you think you or your girlfriend would wear this on a daily basis.

In some of the reviews, I saw that the chain ended up having some discoloration over time  as well as it breaking easily. So be mindful of that.

Would I recommend buying this?

If you’re looking for some jewelry for your girlfriend or just a necklace for your girlfriend, this is a beautiful heart necklace to buy. However, as I mentioned before… you would probably need to invest in a better chain for this necklace. You can also be thoughtful and give your girlfriend the necklace related to their birth month or you can give them the necklace related to your girlfriend’s favorite gemstone.

Buy this necklace today as a Valentine’s Day gift, Anniversary gift, Birthday gift, or even a Christmas gift for your girlfriend!

Also buy these matching earrings to go along with it.

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  1. This is really beautiful and very unique, I love it, gorgeous! Thanks a lot for sharing.

  2. What drives me crazy about this necklace is the shades of the heart, this play of colors that are very delicate and romantic. Elegant. Very beautifull.

  3. Such a beautiful gift for a friend! The colors are gorgeous and the silver chain is si shiny! Love it.

  4. This is very nice. I like that it can match with anything and that it isn’t too expensive.

  5. says:

    This necklace is only FORTY DOLLARS! Unbelievable! I agree with you that it is simply stunning!

  6. Such a perfect time for this post with Valentine’s day coming! I hope some lucky girls will be surprised with this beautiful necklace!

  7. This is such a beautiful necklace! I love the design of it. I will definitely check it out and the matching earrings too!

  8. My niece is turning 18 next month and this would be the perfect present for her birthday as she loves all things heart shaped

  9. What an absolutely stunning piece of jewellery <3 I'd love to add it to my collection for sure 🙂

    Louise x

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