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I tried PUR gum! It’s vegan! | Amazon Review

amazon review
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I always love trying new products. I recently came across this gum company called PUR which I’ve never heard of and I decided to buy their PUR gum in spearmint off of Amazon. So today I figured I would share with you guys an Amazon review of this gum.

I tried PUR gum! It’s vegan! | Amazon Review


pur gum


The gum is considered as being Vegetarian and Vegan. It also doesn’t contain aspartame, allergens, or refined sugar. It’s gluten free, nut/peanut free, and non-gmo.

This gum comes in a resealable container which is great for carrying on the go. You can easily fit the packet in your purse and carry it with you or you can just keep it in your home or even on your desk if you want to take it to work with you.

The gum is shaped like a rectangle.



The gum is around $3.50+ which can be considered kind of pricey for a gum, but it makes sense since it doesn’t contain aspartame and other additives… as well as the factor that it is considered Vegan/Vegetarian.

Check out in-depth info about PUR gum on their website.


Each bag contains around 55 pieces of gum.



I am a big fan of spearmint and the gum did taste like spearmint. It was much stronger than any other spearmint that I’ve tasted. I think it was mainly because this gum seems to be more natural than any of the other gums that I have tasted in the past.

I would say that the actual flavor lasted maybe 4 minutes honestly though…which is expected. Most gum’s flavor doesn’t really last that long in my personal opinion.


Does it cause fresh breath?

It did make my breath smell fresh when I was chewing it. Although I did end up chewing on about 2 pieces of gum in a row.



amazon review


What other flavors does PUR gum have?

It also comes in other flavors like peppermint, wintergreen, cinnamon, chocolate mint, pomegranate, and bubblegum.

Interested in trying Variety pack?

Try any of these variety packs… 1 or 2


Would I recommend PUR gum?

If you’re looking for a gum that doesn’t contain aspartame, allergens, or refined sugar.. this would be the gum for you. Also if you’re Vegetarian or Vegan, this would be the gum for you based on what it says on their website. It has a decent flavor and if you don’t mind the cost.. it’s worth it.



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  1. Aspartame gives me a headache. I am glad to see it is not in this gum.

  2. Oh wow! Never knew about this till now.

  3. I would love to try the Wintergreen and Cinnamon flavours.

  4. looks like it’s a good brand for those who are vegan… I might have to try it to see if it becomes my new favorite ; )

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