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I bought a Grinch Mask! – Amazon Review

grinch mask

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I recently bought a Grinch mask off of Amazon because I really wanted one to show off my holiday mood… sort of. So I figured I would share it with you guys and share my Amazon review of it.

I bought a Grinch Mask! – Amazon Review

product review

I paid around $12 for this mask on Amazon. I decided to go for it and buy it since it has so many good views.

The Fit of the Grinch Mask

This mask is for teens and adults. Its’ measurements are 59-60 cm and it has an average hat size 73/8 – 7 ½.

It has a stretchy string strap on it that allows you to put the mask on without it falling off of your face.

I have a big head and the mask is able to cover my face.

grinch mask


The eyes are mesh so you will be able to see through them. I wear glasses so my eyes don’t exactly match up with the eyes on the mask, but when I put the mask on without glasses they do match up decently.

It’s easy to put on without any hassle. I would recommend buying this, these Grinch gloves, and the Santa suit to go along with it if you want a complete Grinch costume outfit.


the grinch mask


Here is a hand to mask size ratio.

You could use this mask for a costume or for a decoration.

If you’re looking for a cheap Grinch mask to buy then this is the mask for you.


grinch mask


I hope you guys enjoyed my Amazon review for this Grinch Mask.



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