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6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Contact Your Ex | Dating Advice

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There comes a time when you think about your ex and you say to yourself “I want to call my ex.” You may want to reach out to them, but should you? A lot of times we end up making impulsive decisions and contacting our exes when it isn’t a good idea. This is why I decided to write these 6 reasons why you shouldn’t contact your ex and why you should leave what’s in the past… in the past.

6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Contact Your Ex

You’re having a lapse in judgment.

A lot of times you may look back on your relationship with them and you are making it out to be something it wasn’t or something better than what it was. You might start forgetting issues that you two had because you really wanted it to work out with them. IT’s important to reflect on everything, both the good and the bad. Don’t go back to a relationship where you were upset all the time.

You were unhappy when you were with them before

Again, never return back to a situation that made you miserable. There is no growth and no point, just a lot of hardship and stress which is cutting off years of your life.

They have shown you multiple times that they don’t care about your feelings.

If your ex always disregarded your feelings or disrespected how you felt, then don’t run back to that situation. You’ll end up receiving the same treatment and being in the exact same situations. Nothing will be different and you’ll be suffering.

If you feel lonely… don’t contact them.

From personal experience, I know more than anyone… Don’t contact exes when you’re lonely and don’t date when you’re lonely. Being with someone who isn’t right for you will not make you feel good. You may feel like you’re alone now, but being with someone who isn’t on the same page as you or wants the same things as you will have you feeling lonelier than before.

They have a whole relationship.

This is pretty self-explanatory. Never reach out to an ex who is already involved with someone else. It is extremely disrespectful and inconsiderate. There is no reason you should be reaching out to someone you used to be involved with if you see that they are moving on with their life. Let whatever happened go and leave it in the past. It’s not worth the bad karma at all and it makes you look like a horrible person.

You have a whole relationship.

If you’re already involved with someone, there is no reason to contact an ex. It is disrespectful to who you are dating and it makes it look like you don’t really care about the relationship that you are in. Be with the person you are with. Don’t reach into the past when you have a future right with you.

If you were the problem and the reason why you broke up…

If you dated someone who was an amazing person and they ended things with you because you did something wrong, it’s best to let that situation go. Learn from your mistakes and grow from it. Don’t reach back into the past. A lot of times people rarely get over that hurt and the conversation of that hurt will come up again regardless if you have changed or not. Start something new with someone new. Wish for the best for your ex and hope that they end up with someone who treats them better than you originally did.

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Overall, move on with your life. Remember the good times and the bad. Learn and grow from the relationships you’ve had in the past. You don’t have to reach back. Reach forward and don’t contact your ex.

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