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4 Reasons Why Exes Come Back | When do exes come back? – Dating Advice

why exes come back

You go months or even years without hearing from your ex and then suddenly, they reach out to you. They want to know how you are and what you’re up to, but a lot of times these exes come back to try to ease back into your life. You want to know why they’ve returned? Here are my 4 reasons why exes come back. I’ve experienced all of these reasons behind when exes come back and what their endgame is for even returning back to my life. This relationship advice will help you to understand the 4 reasons why they want to be back in your life.

4 Reasons Why Exes Come Back | When do exes come back?

They realized what they had.

Many exes will come back when they realize that you were an amazing person that cared. They’ll realize what they had and they’ll try to return because they missed the love and care you gave them.

They feel lonely.

Sometimes people will pop back into your life because they remember how they didn’t feel alone when they were with you. When you feel alone, it can cause you to feel impulsive and to reach out to past lovers. They may want to fill that void of being alone, but usually this will be temporary until they set their eyes on another person.

They don’t want you with someone else or they see you with someone else.

A lot of times exes don’t want to see you happy with someone else because they don’t want you to move on. Some want you to still think of them as being your whole world. These people are horrible and are only focused on themselves. You can tell that they feel that way when they only pop back up when you’re involved or they try to convince you to stop talking to the new person you’re currently into. They might think of you as a possession instead of an actual person and try to manipulate you into focusing on them even though they don’t want anything truly serious with you.

They’re bored.

Some exes simply reach out to occupy time. They don’t have a motive. They need entertainment and they want you to be the source. They plan on leaving when something new pops up, but for now… they want the focus of you for the moment.

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Overall, when exes come back it is for a selfish reason. I would say some exes come back to apologize, but I don’t think I have had any apologize to me without the intent of trying to pursue something more than just being friends. If one of your exes returns, try to not get caught up in their pursuits unless you guys ended things reasonably. Focus on you and don’t settle for less than you deserve.


why do exes come back

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