I tried Aveda Cherry Almond body lotion along with the Aveda Cherry Almond hand and body wash | Review

aveda cherry almond
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I recently received an Influenster box and I tried out some beauty products for free within the box. The Aveda Cherry Almond body lotion and the Aveda Cherry Almond hand and body wash were a few of the items that I had the chance to try.

Here are my thoughts on both the lotion as well as the hand and body wash.

Aveda Cherry Almond body lotion and the Aveda Cherry Almond hand and body wash review


Both the Aveda Cherry Almond body lotion and the Aveda Cherry Almond hand and body wash have a strong scent. It does smell like cherry with that slight warm scent of almonds (if you’ve ever tried any other almond lotion or soap before).

If you’re not a fan of cherry or stronger scents, then these may not be good beauty products to use. I feel like anyone with a sensitive sense of smell won’t really care for these.


So I received sample sizes of the products. Both products have vibrant dark pink caps that you can pop open to squeeze your product out of it. The beige bottles are really adorable. I love carrying them with me in my coat pocket, but you can carry them in your purse as well.


aveda cherry almond body lotion

Aveda Cherry Almond body lotion

It does make my skin feel moisturized. The scent lasts for a long time. I want to say I put some of this lotion on my hands at 8:45 AM and I could still smell a slight hint of it on my hands around 8 PM at night. So it is long lasting.

aveda cherry almond hand and body wash

Aveda Cherry Almond hand and body wash

I actually used this as hand wash for when I would go somewhere like a restaurant and needed to wash my hands. It definitely left my hands feel clean and it doesn’t take much to lather up to leave your hands feeling fresh.

Would I recommend buying any of the Aveda Cherry Almond line?

So honestly, I am not a big fan of cherry… but if you are, I would recommend it. If you don’t have a strong sense of smell where scents don’t irritate you, I would recommend it because they both can be quite overpowering as far as smell goes.

I would recommend the lotion as being a gift for anyone who loves cherry scented beauty products. I would honestly keep a bottle of the hand and body wash in my purse because it doesn’t leave your hands feeling dry if you wanted to opt for using it for hand soap versus using a public bathroom’s hand soap.

Buy the Aveda Cherry Almond hand and body wash here.

Buy the Aveda Cherry Almond lotion here.

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I greatly appreciate it!

Let me know what you guys think or if you’d be interested in trying it by leaving a comment down below!

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  1. If it has a strong scent I probably cant use it but I do love Aveda products. Their salons smell wonderful.

  2. I’m a huge fan of Aveda products. I haven’t tried this cherry almond body lotion but I bet it smells amazing!

  3. Sounds great! I’ve only just recently became familiar with Aveda but it looks like a great line of products!

  4. We love cherry and almond on their own but I bet the combination is amazing too! We’d prefer the strong scent and they sound great!

  5. Thanks for the comprehensive review, I might gift this to my sister as she don’t mind the smell of cherries

  6. Mmmm what an interesting combo of flavours. It can be so soothing to walk around all day smelling great!

  7. I love the smell of cherry although I’m not sure how strong the smell from this one is. It would be nice to give it a try. It would also be a nice gift for family or friends this season.

  8. Aveda is a must try product. I always wanted to try this and I have heard a lot about this before and been looking for this one.

  9. OOh I have never seen this before – I bet it smells amazing!!! I will have to treat myself and get some.

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