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I’ve been using Fingerhut for 6 years | Fingerhut Review

fingerhut review

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I came across Fingerhut some years back when I wanted to buy a digital camera, but I didn’t have the money to pay for it full price at the time. I also joined Fingerhut with the intention of potentially growing my credit score because I read a lot about it online that some people’s credit score would increase within having a Fingerhut account and using their service. However I haven’t seen an in-depth Fingerhut review just yet from someone who has been a user from years.

Today I figured I would share with you guys my experience of using Fingerhut for 6 years within a Fingerhut review.

Fingerhut Review

fingerhut review


So firstly let me explain to you what Fingerhut is… Fingerhut is a website where you can apply for credit and buy things that you don’t have to pay full price for initially. You can buy furniture, clothes, beauty products, toys, bikes, and tons of other things on Fingerhut.

Practically all of the items you buy are sold at an increased rate. For example, if you see a television at Walmart selling for $300, Fingerhut might charge $500 for the same tv model. Plus they also add interest over the months in which it takes you to pay it off.

It’s a place where you can buy things you need now and pay on them overtime.

I’ve personally made quite a few purchases using Fingerhut from a Canon camera to gift baskets and baking pan sets.

Now I will jump into some of the questions you guys might be curious about based on my Fingerhut account experience.

How long does it take to be approved for Fingerhut credit?

I want to say it took at the most 2 days for me to be approved for my Fingerhut credit account and I received a $300 credit line initially.

What credit score do i need for Fingerhut?

I want to say at the time since I didn’t really have much history on my credit score except for student loans. I had around a 620-630. Although I have read that people with 530 credit scores were being approved. So the Fingerhut approval odds may vary, but you can apply to see if they will allow you to be approved.

Does Fingerhut improve credit score?

Honestly, having any type of credit line open and available to you that is being used responsibly will increase your credit score. Fingerhut is currently the only line of credit I have and because I have used it responsibly, I see my score increase from time to time.

Does Fingerhut raise your credit score?

I would say that over the years Fingerhut has helped increased my credit score, but I wouldn’t say that I saw instant results of credit score increase within the first year.

Does Fingerhut show up on credit report?

Yes, Fingerhut does show up on your credit report. It remains there whether you have credit in use or not.

Does Fingerhut report to credit bureaus?

Yes, Fingerhut does report to credit bureaus.
I made the mistake of paying my bill the day it was due not realizing that it can take a few days for the payment to go through. My credit score ended up dropping because Fingerhut reported my payment as being late automatically. So I make sure to pay my monthly bill at least 6 days in advance just to be safe. I usually set an alarm on my phone for when I need to pay my Fingerhut account since I don’t have it setup as an automatic payment.

When does Fingerhut report to credit bureaus?

If you’re late with making a payment, within those 2 days of being late they report it and Credit Karma did alert me about the drop in my credit score when it happened.
As far as good payments go, I would say over the years it reports responsible usage from my experience.

When does Fingerhut increase credit?

For me, my Fingerhut credit increased every year and a half to 2 years. I started off with a $300 credit approval. Then it went up to $600 and then $900.

How often does Fingerhut increase credit limit?

I want to say my Fingerhut credit increased every 2 years. Then again I didn’t use my Fingerhut credit consistently. I bought something every 2 years using my Fingerhut account. The frequency of how often you use it, how much credit you use that is available, and how you pay off your balance could be a factor.

What happens if my Fingerhut account closes?

My account closed before when I didn’t make any purchases and it did lower my credit score by… I want to say at least 25 points. This is what happens with any line of credit that you have open and you end up closing it or having it closed because of inactivity so it isn’t a surprising thing. I try to buy something every year that is inexpensive for the most part.

Have I had any issues with Fingerhut?

Apart from realizing how payments need to be made in advance and how if my account closes due to inactivity my credit score decreases, I haven’t had any problems with Fingerhut.

How long does Fingerhut shipping take?

Shipping varies depending on what you’re buying. When I bought my Sims 4 game, it was shipped through FedEx in a polybag and it took about a week and a half to reach me. Recently I bought a gift basket, a cookie gift set, and a baking pan set. They each were shipped through different companies (that accept Fingerhut credit through Fingerhut’s website) which is why the shipping was kind of pricey. They also were shipped through UPS with most of the items being shipped to me within less than a week.

Where to find Fingerhut free shipping code?

Sometimes Fingerhut sends catalogs and you can find free shipping codes in there or you can do a search online to find free shipping codes. Usually shipping is paid for with your credit and included in the balance you have to pay off.


Overall, would I recommend getting a Fingerhut account?
I would if you’re looking to establish some sort of credit and you spend responsibly. With any type of credit line you have whether it is Fingerhut or a credit card, it is important to spend responsibly and be able to pay the balance back appropriately. One thing I want to make clear in this Fingerhut review is for people to not spend more than they can afford. Always spend within your means.

So apply for Fingerhut credit today if you’re interested!

I hope you guys found my Fingerhut review to be helpful!
If you have any questions, you’d like to ask.. Leave a comment down below or feel free to email me.
Thanks for reading!
fingerhut review

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