I ordered from the Fingerhut catalog | Fingerhut Review

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I’ve been a Fingerhut credit line user for about 6 years, but for the first time ever… I decided to order from their catalog. Usually I receive maybe 5-6 catalogs a year from them, but I never use the catalog codes or anything like that. However, this time upon ordering I did and I wanted to share with you guys my experience.


I ordered from the Fingerhut catalog | Fingerhut Review


So firstly, one of the reasons why I decided to order something from Fingerhut was because I received the update that my account was going to close unless I used it. So I decided to buy 3 things. Upon making the decision of what I was going to buy, I realized that the Fingerhut catalog I received stated that I wouldn’t have to pay anything until February if I were to use the code and buy a new purchase over $100 which sounds great.


fingerhut review


So I decided to get a baking pan set ($44.99), a gift basket ($58.99), and a Mrs. Field’s cookies gift set ($49.99) when I applied the coupon code to my order. My total was $196.33 which included the tax and the $38.97 shipping. The shipping was pretty high because all of the items were shipped separately through UPS from different stores. I made my order for everything on November 18th and the last package I ordered was delivered yesterday, November 25th by UPS. The shipping was actually pretty fast. I will be reviewing everything that I purchased so that you guys can decide if you’re interested on buying them for yourselves.


fingerhut catalog


I have received all of my items, but now I am just waiting to see when I will have to start making payments and if I have to immediately start paying on the interest a month from now or if I will be able to wait.


UPDATE (February 24, 2020)

I received an email from Fingerhut including my statement for the beginning of my bill payments. I have to pay $18.99 on the 18th of March. So I didn’t have to pay anything until March which means the coupon code I used in November did hold up.

 My current balance is $206.35. I originally paid $196.33 so the amount increased by $10.02.


Overall, my experience with Fingerhut has been pretty decent. I’ll let you guys know about the interest and everything soon.

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