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I ate ramen at Slurping Turtle in Ann Arbor, MI – Review

slurping turtle
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This past weekend I went with a group of friends on a mini road trip to Ann Arbor, MI. They raved about how great the sushi and ramen was at Slurping Turtle so I was pretty excited to try it and hoping that it would be delicious… especially since I am a picky eater. Today I wanted to share with you guys a review of Slurping Turtle in Ann Arbor, MI.

I ate authentic ramen at Slurping Turtle in Ann Arbor, MI

I basically knew what I was going to eat before I even got there. I am a person that likes to Google restaurant menus and check out reviews on what to eat via Yelp as well as Google reviews.

slurping turtle menu


slurping turtle menu


I also reviewed the Slurping Turtle menus.


slurping turtle menu


slurping turtle menu


I decided that I was going to try the DFCC Miso Ramen. It had duck fried chicken in it. At first when I read it in the menu the night before, I was a bit nervous because I’ve never had duck anything before. However, now…. I would like to try duck fat on the regular because it made the chicken taste absolutely flavorful.

slurping turtle


The DFCC miso ramen was considered as being spicy, but it wasn’t too spicy to me. I really enjoyed how good the broth was. It was just the right amount of seasoning in it which I loved.



slurping turtle


I am not a lover of alcohol so I decided to try Kobe Kyoryuchi melon cream soda which was AMAZING! I absolutely loved it. I am currently trying to find it online so that I can have some to drink in my own home. I may end up visiting an oriental store though.


I ate Ramen at Edo Ramen in Royal Oak, Michigan

The service at Slurping Turtle was really nice. There was 10 of us in a group and we sat at this long table, but another group of people also sat along with us at the table. The seating arrangement was alright considering how big our group was.

The waitress was really kind and super helpful. She also was amazing for even coming to work because we noticed that she had a cass on her foot and was still walking around working.

The wait for a table was about 20-30 minutes because there was such a large group of us which wasn’t too bad considering it was a Saturday afternoon.

Would I recommend trying ramen at Slurping Turtle?

Overall, I would I recommend this restaurant for ramen. If you’re a picky eater, I recommend trying the DFCC miso ramen because it is pretty good. You can also add things into your ramen like other meats or extra noodles.. So keep that in mind when ordering there, but definitely go ahead and plan a trip to Slurping Turtle. You won’t be disappointed.



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(10) Comments

  1. It looks like a great menu. I love ramen noodles. I’d like to try the melon drink as well.

  2. catherine santiago jose says:

    That looks like a nice place to eat a delicious Ramen. Honestly, seeing that bowl makes me really hungry!

  3. Oh man, I totally would have ordered a POKE bowl!! I love those babies!

  4. yumm! i love spicy chicken ramen! hmm now i cant wait to go get a bowl of ramen tomorrow.

  5. Erik the Hungry Traveller says:

    Ramen is a comfort food of mine. And i love that the resto also offers a lot of menu options including Sake!

  6. Looks like a hot, nice ramen place! I love ramen and it’s always a pleasure to eat in a ramen house with good company.

  7. Joanna says:

    The ramen looks and sounds delicious! I never had duck fat before either. I do like ramen, I actually had it last a few weeks ago.

  8. Thanks for sharing! I have never actually had Ramen.. But I think it’s time for me to experience the goodness!

  9. Alexis says:

    Authentic ramen is absolutely delicious! This place looks amazing, what a fun place to visit in Ann Arbor.

  10. Celebrate Woman Today says:

    What a great plate of ramen. I love the recipe and make my own sometimes as well.

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