4 Reasons why you should watch Maid Sama! – Review | Anime


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I kept seeing Maid Sama come across my recommendations on Hulu, but I continued to ignore it. Then once it hit Netflix, I started seeing a lot of people talk about how great it was on Twitter. So I decided to watch it myself to see what made it such a great anime and I was not disappointed. Today I figured I would share with you guys why you should check out the anime Maid Sama and why it’s worth the watch!

4 Reasons why you should watch Maid Sama! – Review | Anime

It’s a wonderful romantic comedy.

So I’m not going to lie to you guys… I’m not a big fan of rom com anime series (keep in mind I haven’t seen many). I was pleasantly surprised how much I wanted to continue watching this one. It’s very light hearted and a delightful anime to watch. It kept me pretty interested the entire series. It actually left me wanting more and to see what was going to happen next. Because of this, I plan on reading the manga at some point of time.

Lots of characters you’ll love

I ended up liking so many characters in this series. My favorites were Usui, Aoi, Suzuna, and Satsuki.


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The outfits are super cute (which means more characters to cosplay)!

I absolutely loved the change in outfits that I saw. I also loved that there was a maid cafe that had different themes for the day which meant different outfits. I plan on cosplaying so many characters from this series from the different outfits that Misaki wore to the outfits that Aoi wore. The fashion was lovely!

You’ll fall in love with Usui.

Usui is now dubbed as being an anime crush. I won’t go into detail, but you’ll end up loving his character just as much as I do as you see him do different things everyday within his high school life.

Overall, Maid Sama is a beautiful anime to watch that is light hearted and full of fun. You will end up loving a lot of the characters and enjoying the series. It’s only 26 episodes long, but it’s worth the watch.

So thanks for reading my Maid Sama review!

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