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Wearing Femme Luxe for Fall Looks – Clothing Review

The Fall season means new Fall looks. I was so excited when I received an email from Femme Luxe for them reaching out to collaborate with me. They decided to choose me to try out some free clothes to wear and of course, I said Yes!

So today I am going to share with you guys the items that I received from them and give my thoughts on the clothes that I received.

Wearing Femme Luxe for Fall Looks

Femme Luxe is a website that offers gorgeous clothing that you’ve probably seen a lot of popular women on Instagram wearing. They sell really fashionable clothes from cute dresses to stylish pants to chic outfit sets. They have a lot of clothes for you to choose from which is why it took me awhile to decide on what items I wanted to receive. It’s so many things I want on their website!

Before I jump into the complete review, I just wanted to mention that I am currently a US size 10. I usually wear Medium shirts and Medium/Large pants. It depends on the sizing of online stores for the most part. I will mention the UK sizing I chose for each item.

If you don’t want to read the blog post, check out my Femme Luxe review try on haul video!



Here are the clothes that I received from Femme Luxe.

femme luxe


The first item is this gorgeous printed button up shirt dress in a size M/L (12/14). I want to say this is my favorite item from everything I have received. It also comes with a tie up belt that you can detach from the shirt. The shirt is absolutely beautiful and it makes me feel so fancy when I wear it. I feel like this dress makes any outfit feel dressed up when I wear it.

femme luxe review


I love wearing this with either black leggings or black jeans. I’ll honestly probably pair this with one of my skirts and some knit leggings too sometime this Fall.

femme luxe


The second item I received is this navy button up shirt dress in a size 12 and it has a tie up belt installed within the shirt itself. It honestly looks like it’s black more than navy.

I personally like to wear it without it being tied up because I’ll be honest, my boobs are pretty big and tying it kind of makes my boobs look even bigger. I wear it kind of similar to a tunic top and I love pairing it with jeans and leggings. It’s an extremely comfortable shirt that you can dress up or dress down. You can wear it with a blazer on top or you can wear it with a belt. I really love it a lot.


femme luxe


Here’s an Instagram Story I posted where I showed off the dress. I love the way it fits with a belt.


Dressing in Style with Femme Luxe | Review

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femme luxe


The third item is this gorgeous long camel colored duster belted coat in a size M/L (12/14). It comes with a belt that you can tie up. It also has pockets which I was excited about!


femme luxe


It can make a lot of outfits look way more dressier than they are when you wear it. The fabric feels really nice. You can get away with wearing it on a nice breezy day in the Fall or Spring time. If you want to be stylish or if you’re a person who works in the corporate world, I would recommend buying this coat because it is really fashionable.


femme luxe


The last item I received were these houndstooth trousers in a size 14. They also come with a tie up belt and they have pockets in the front.


femme luxe


So I’ve always wanted some pants that were this type of print. They make me feel like money. Maybe it’s just me, but certain fabrics and clothing prints make me feel way more confident. I would wear this with sweaters, blazers, and turtlenecks in the Fall and Winter. In the Summer and Spring time, I would wear these pants with crop tops and bodysuits.


femme luxe


They are really comfortable. I know for me they do seem to fit like mid-rise pants.



Dressing in Style with Femme Luxe | Review


Would I recommend buying clothes from Femme Luxe?

Based on this collab, I definitely would. Their items are high quality where the fabric wasn’t itchy and everything fit decently on me. There also weren’t any random strings hanging off where the clothing was falling apart which is a plus when it comes to online shopping. The clothes I received are cute as well as comfortable to wear and they do make me feel kind of luxurious when I wear them. It’s like when you put on clothes that make you look good.. you do end up feeling good and much better about yourself. I would recommend treating yourself and buying some of these items for yourself or you could check out their website. You won’t be disappointed.



Thanks for reading and let me know which clothing items you’d want by leaving a comment down below!


femme luxe

(22) Comments

  1. Super love the golden top oh and the pants are gorgeous!!! What a great fashion sense you’ve got.

  2. catherine santiago jose says:

    Wow, those outfits are so beautiful and it looks very comfortable to wear. I will definitely checking their websites, thanks for sharing this beautiful review with us.

  3. Nate says:

    The pants look great on you! I’m actually looking for a pair for mens!

  4. Andrew says:

    The clothes looks really cool, expecially the shirt dress. Reminds me a bit of African style

  5. I love all of these. The pants are my favorite though. That’s such a classic look.

  6. These styles really seem to suit you well!! They also really do look high quality! I am curious to check out their website because all I ever wear is work out clothing so MAYBE it could class me up LOL!

  7. Love those paperbag pants on you! such a chic look!

  8. krista says:

    I love all of these items but ESPECIALLY the shirt dress! I want it for myself girl! Do you find the size true?

  9. I absolutely in love with every piece you modeled for us! Never heard of the brand, but now, thanks to you, need to really check them out.

  10. These are all great pieces! I really need to update my fall wardrobe. I love those black and white pants!

  11. I love the first printed shirt you shared, remembered the pattern was similar to when I was younger and looks like that style is back in fashion again. Will check out Femme Luxe

  12. Searcy says:

    Those pants are great! They look fantastic on you. I love the coat too.

  13. Rhonda Albom says:

    I love the way the clothes fall on the body. Especially the pants and the shirt dress (with the leggings). While I don’t normally shop for clothes online, that shirt dress is really calling to me. Thanks for modelling it, it really made the difference.

  14. I love those checkered pants! They are so perfect for the office or for a date!
    I loved all your looks 🙂

  15. Laura says:

    These look like nice pieces to have part of a wardrobe. I like the first top, so cute x


  16. Very nice and awesome review. This is such a simple clothes. I really like the first one on the list. It’s so classic.

  17. This review is very nice. I love all the clothes you posted. It’s all classic and simple. That’s really fits my style. Thank you for this awesome review.

  18. I like your outfits because they are simple and look very functional.

  19. Alexis says:

    That dress looks absolutely amazing on you! I love it with the tan jacket. Such a fun fall set of clothes.

  20. twinspirational says:

    Thanks for modeling those clothes..! It makes it easier to know if it would fit me. Nice outfits you got there..

  21. I think I have seen that shirt dress before, or that print because it is popular here in Japan.

  22. Wow. I love all the looks. All the outfit choices are great.

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