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The 2019 Holiday Barbie is absolutely gorgeous!

2019 holiday barbie
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I have always loved seeing the holiday Barbie dolls being released every year. I remember when I was a little girl, I always wanted to have one…. but I never received one because (I want to say) they were much more pricier than they are now.

Today I figured I would share with you guys the 2019 Holiday Barbie doll

The 2019 Holiday Barbie is absolutely gorgeous!


This Holiday Barbie doll wears a long red gown. The design of the dress showcases a candy can red and white stripe pattern in the middle of the dress. It also has a big red bow on the back of the right shoulder of the doll.

You can purchase different versions of the doll as Barbie does have representation for different appearances.


2019 holiday barbie

Here is Barbie.

Buy her here.


2019 holiday barbie

Here is Nikki as the 2019 Holiday Barbie doll.

Buy her here.


2019 holiday barbie

Here is Teresa as the 2019 Holiday Barbie doll.

Buy her here.



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(19) Comments

  1. Every year Barbie amazes with her barbie of the year, but that of 2019 is elegant and chic!

  2. Woah they are absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us!

  3. I agree, she is so pretty! I used to collect these. I love her dress.

  4. I love Barbies dress. She is always so stylish for the holidays.

  5. That dress is fabulous!

  6. They all look different. Have a wonderful holiday season!

  7. Wow, this reminded me of my childhood! I had several of these back in the day. Nice to see they are still being made. It would be fun to see a list of them going back each year.

  8. These Barbies are fantastic! I was a huge Barbie girl growing up. I would have loved these gals.

  9. I remember my mom always getting the holiday barbies every year! These are so pretty and I think would make a good gift for my mom.

  10. So beautiful! I can’t wait to have a daughter to have a reason to buy a barbie 🙂

  11. These are adorable. Very stylish. Perfect as a gift for any child who loves dolls.

    1. Hannah Marie says:

      Oh my goodness they look so gorgeous! It really has that holiday vibe. Kinda reminds me of Charlie’s Angels.

  12. alison netzer says:

    Wait does that dress come in life size because I would totally wear it. Although, I’m barely 5foot, so I may look a little silly. Still gorg!

  13. Gorgeous! I just wish they made an Asian barbie. We need representation too.

  14. Somehow I never realised that Barbie dolls were still a thing. These dolls do look fabulous and their dress is amazing. It is a great idea to have a choice of 3 different dolls.

  15. Candace says:

    I remember the Holiday Barbies when I was a little girl! I always loved their gorgeous dresses. I am such a fan of this year’s dress design. It feels vintage inspired but still modern. Very classy!

  16. They are so Lovely! this is an amazing Idea of barbies. Very nice dress and classic! Awesome Barbie dress idea.

  17. What a beauty! I am loving that dress. YAS!!! So pretty

  18. Holiday barbies are always so beautiful! I love the candy cane dress this year!

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