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Top 10 Best Places to Christmas shop on a budget

best places to christmas shop

It’s almost that time to buy gifts for your loved ones and it can be hard to come up with awesome gifts to buy when you’re on a budget. However, there are some awesome places that you can shop at that have affordable gifts.

Today I figured I would share with you guys the best places to Christmas shop on a budget! Check these places out and save money!

Top 10 Best Places to Christmas shop on a budget

Big Lots

Big Lots always has something for everyone. I’ve found a lot of awesome gifts from tech related items to gift sets. You could buy something for everyone. You can also sign up for their Big Lots rewards program to save even more money.

Five Below

Fiver Below sells all sorts of items for $5 or less. You can buy toys, blankets, and all types of other gifts at an affordable price.

Family Dollar

I love when Family Dollar has gift sets on sale. A lot of them I end up buying for myself because I love them. There’s something awesome on sale around every corner.

Dollar General

Dollar General is similar to Family Dollar. They have a ton of items on sale and they even have an app you can use that can help you save even more money!


Most people end up going to Walmart because of their great deals. You can find some gorgeous sweaters on sale or even some affordable movies on sale to watch with your family members.

TJ Maxx

If you want designer items, head on over to TJ Maxx. You can get some pricier items on sale when you shop here.


Many of my family members love shopping at Marshall’s because they can find so many great items on sale at a decent price without having to spend a ton.

Burlington Coat Factory

They always have gorgeous clothes and wonderful gift sets here at a great price. Everything is high quality and you’ll practically love everything you see here. I know whenever I go to Burlington, I always leave with at least 3 things.

Thrift Stores

If you are on a heavy budget, you can buy clothing from the thrift store… wash them and give the items as gifts. You can buy cute clothes, Vinyl records, books, and even toys. Make sure you check the social media of different thrift stores. A lot of them will reveal deals that you can apply to your purchase just by showing off the social media post.

Resale Shops

Buy some used antique furniture for a loved one for an affordable price.


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best places to christmas shop


I hope you guys found this post helpful with finding the best places to Christmas shop!

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Also let me know your favorite places to shop by leaving a comment down below.


(24) Comments

  1. Ok I do shop at pretty much all those place. And the best one I like is Walmart

  2. I bet the family dollar would be a great one! Asians like me will always select the thrifty choice haha!

  3. I love Walmart and Marshalls. Whenever I visit the US I make sure to go to Walmart and Marshalls cus I get lots of things for so cheap!

    There’s so much to find in Walmart… it’s so fun to go around and see what’s new.

  4. Sundeep says:

    Thanks for sharing so many Christmas gifting ideas. Me and my friend both were confused now this gifting thing is sorted for both of us.

  5. Searcy says:

    We love to go to antique shops for Christmas. We’ve found some great gifts at some local shop. Great post

  6. Oh thanks for the heads up! I’ve got most of my shopping done but not all! Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us!

  7. I love this list! These are all great places to search for bargains at Christmas time. I prefer to shop online because it’s more convenient though.

  8. Kuntala Bhattacharya says:

    That reminds me of my stay in US. Here I seldom get to shop for Christmas in India. But I hope others will be happy to read your suggestions.

  9. I have heard so much of Wallmart already but there isn’t any in Belgium regrettable 😮

  10. I agree about all the stores on this list.. Its specially in this day and age.

  11. Trent A Peek says:

    Great suggestions as things are getting tougher for families nowadays, and any penny counts. Thanks for the advice.

  12. This is perfect for the holidays! We’re always budgeting ourselves during this time of the year.

  13. I shop at all of those stores for Christmas except the thrift store. That’s a great idea, so it’s on my list.

  14. Aaah! how I wish we had those stores here in South Africa. Shopping on a budget is much harder here. I am looking forward to visiting Canada in December and finishing up my Christmas shopping at Winners!

  15. I love shopping for gifts during the Christmas season and I love finding great deals. These are a great list for Christmas shopping.

  16. I love shopping for gifts during the Christmas season and I love finding great deals. These are a great list for Christmas shopping.

  17. This is such an important and very useful guide. I really need this one. Because i prefer a lot of things to present for my family. and This one would definitely help me to prepare. Thanks!

  18. This is very timely and useful. We all need tips on how to be able to save as this season means so many expenses.

  19. Very nice and good places to buy gift. Thanks for this list. I gonna check this all out what they got. I really need many stuff this coming Christmas

  20. Very affordable places to buy gift this coming Christmas. I need to budget and buy a lot of stuff to present with my family. Thank you for this guide. It’s really helpful.

  21. We all need to consider those places for sure) to save in this case means to cheer more people that we love in our life.

  22. Kiwi says:

    You should totally add Ross on the list. Also I love Five Below they actually have some amazing things!!

  23. Great list of stores. I already shop at most of these places for myself. Thanks for the list.

  24. I love shopping at this stores for my self. Great list.

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