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Channel your Sailor Moon aesthetic with these 16 Sailor Moon gift ideas

sailor moon aesthetic

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I will always have love for Sailor Moon. It was the first magical girl anime I ever watched and I fell completely in love with it. Even after almost 2 decades of first watching the series, I still like to celebrate my adoration for Usagi Tsukino and the rest of the Sailor Scouts.

Today I figured I would share with you guys these awesome Sailor Moon gift ideas that you can add to your life to channel your Sailor Moon aesthetic!

Support these amazing creators while celebrating your love for Sailor Moon today!

Channel your Sailor Moon aesthetic with these 10 Sailor Moon gift ideas

sailor moon transformation wands

These Sailor Moon transformation wands look exactly like the ones from the Sailor Moon series. These would make great replicas to add to your Sailor Moon collection or to even use for cosplay purposes!

Buy them here.

sailor moon aesthetic

This Sailor Moon rug is perfect for your kitchen, but you can put it anywhere in your home. It features the inner Sailor senshi.

Buy it here.

sailor moon shirt

I would rock this Sailor Mars “Fight Like a Girl” shirt all the time if I owned it.

Buy it here.

You can also buy this shirt with the other sailor scouts on it.

Sailor Moon “Fight Like a Girl” shirt

Sailor Mercury Fight Like a Girl shirt

Sailor Uranus Fight Like a Girl shirt

Sailor Jupiter Fight Like a Girl shirt

Sailor Venus Fight Like a Girl shirt

Sailor Neptune Fight Like a Girl shirt

Sailor Saturn Fight Like a Girl shirt

Sailor Pluto Fight Like a Girl shirt


sailor moon fan art

If you want to add some Sailor Moon art to your home, then you need to buy these.

You can buy this Princess Serenity artwork here.

sailor moon fan art

You can also buy this Wicked Lady artwork here.


sailor moon candle

This scented Sailor Moon candle is an absolute must have for your relaxing self care days!

Buy it here.


sailor moon sheets

This Sailor Moon duvet cover is perfect! It features Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Jupiter on it.

Buy it here.


sailor moon gift ideas

These aroma diffusers are the ideal gift where you can show off your adoration for Sailor Moon while also adding your favorite essential oil scent to it to have your car smelling amazing.

You can buy one of these 3 styles separately or even all 3 as a set.

Buy it here.


sailor moon costume

I need this Sailor Mercury kimono dress in my life. It’s so unique and it’d definitely turn heads at a cosplay convention for sure!

Buy it here.

You can also buy kimonos featuring the other Sailor Scouts.

Sailor Moon kimono dress

Sailor Pluto kimono dress

Sailor Jupiter kimono dress

Chibiusa kimono dress

Sailor Mars kimono dress

Sailor Venus kimono dress

Sailor Neptune kimono dress

Sailor Uranus kimono dress

Sailor Saturn kimono dress



sailor moon fan art

I purchased this gorgeous Sailor Moon fan art recently of the Negamoon Sisters from the Black Moon clan. I loved these girls and their villainous ways!

Here’s my review of it with a link to where you can find it.

Society6 Review – This Negamoon Sisters Sailor Moon fan art is gorgeous!


sailor moon mirror

These mirrors are so cute. You can get a Luna, Artemis, or a Keroberos (Cardcaptor Sakura) mirror from this store.

Buy it here.


sailor moon shirt

This Sailor Moon shirt is a must have for Fall, Winter, and Spring. It shows the silhouette of Sailor Moon fighting crime all with a pink purple ombre effect. I love the way it looks.

Buy it here.


sailor moon ornament

I am so in love with this Black Lady Christmas ornament. It looks just like her! It is absolutely perfect!

Buy it here.


sailor moon purse

You can buy a plush Sailor Moon brooch keychain, coin bag, or purse. They’re super cute and you can even get them in a set if you want a keychain, coin bag, and a purse.

Buy it here.


sailor moon hat

It’s almost time for the Winter which means you’ll need to keep your head covered. Stay warm with this Sailor Mercury hat. It is absolutely gorgeous.

Buy it here!


You can even buy the hats of the other sailor scouts!

Sailor Jupiter hat

Sailor Moon hat

Sailor Mars hat

Eternal Sailor Moon hat

Sailor Venus hat

Sailor Chibi Moon hat

Sailor Uranus hat

Sailor Pluto hat

Sailor Neptune hat

Wicked Lady / Black Lady hat

Sailor Saturn hat


sailor moon fan art

I am loving this Tuxedo mask fan art. It looks amazing. I honestly might buy this for myself and hang it up somewhere in my home.

Buy it here.


2 Kawaii Outfits You’ll Love Inspired By Sailor Moon


I hope that you Sailor Moon lovers enjoyed these Sailor Moon finds! They’ll definitely give you Sailor Moon aesthetic vibes.

Let me know what your favorites are by leaving a comment down below!


sailor moon aesthetic

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  1. Joanna says:

    I used to love Sailor Moon when I was growing up. Are they back on the TV? They used to be so amazing, I would have loved any of these items back then.

  2. Searcy says:

    Love sailor moon! I grew up watching it and this brings back so many memories!

  3. These are all so fun! I’ll have to look into these for my sister!

  4. Really cool items to own and to gift. With the Holiday Season, it would be awesome to have it available for shopping.

  5. Haven’t seen so much Sailor Moon fan merchandise in a page. Great post!

  6. This is so fun! I love sailor moon and have since I was a kid. She’s so amazing!

  7. I really like Sailor when i was a kid and until now. I always waiting for new episode of this. And those stuff is all i want. But I’m gonna buy first this Sailor Moon art and put it on my room. This post Bring back all my childhood memories. Thanks!

  8. I was exposed to anime at a much later age but am always happy to hear something new about it !

  9. Julie Syl says:

    These are so cute, I love sailor moon too..! Especially her costume, it’s so chic.

  10. Dreamingloud says:

    Ooh..! I love sailor moon too.. I would love to have a shirt and wands like that, they are so cute..! Love it..

  11. Sophia Damasceno says:

    This is so cool. I don’t have anything like this but I love the vibes.

  12. The scented Sailor Moon candles are so cool! Love the fun gifting ideas that you have put together 🙂

  13. twinspirational says:

    These outfits and stuffs are so fun.. Hmm I miss watching the Sailormoon because of this. 😘

  14. The scented candles are the best.

    Loved it. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Oh wow I honestly had no idea there was so much Sailor Moon products out there – so cool

    Laura x

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