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11+ Fall Self Care Ideas That Are Perfect for Autumn | Mental Health

fall self care ideas

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It’s Fall and during the Fall you need to do something for you to make sure that you relax since this is the time of year that is usually pretty busy. Today I wanted to share with you guys some Fall self care ideas that can help you relax and enjoy life.

So check them out!

11+ Fall Self Care Ideas That Are Perfect for Mental Health

Take a walk in the park.

There’s something about feeling the cool crisp air while staring at the beautiful trees and Fall scenery.

Visit a Fall festival.

Google festivals during the months of September, October, and November in your city. Find some festivals that you’re interested in going to and plan trip there.

Light some Fall season candles.

Buy some apple, pumpkin, or other Fall scented candles and light them up for a relaxing experience.

Go thrift shopping.

Take a trip to the thrift store for some retail therapy.

Bake or buy a sweet potato pie.

Head to your nearest bakery or grocery store and buy a sweet potato pie. You can also bake one using a recipe on Pinterest. Don’t forget to have some whipped cream or ice cream to eat with it.

Visit the apple orchard for apple cider and doughnuts.

Research apple orchards and take a trip to one for some delicious doughnuts and apple cider.

Jump in leaves.

If you feel like raking some leaves, jump into a pile of leaves like as if you were an 8 year old child.

Try pumpkin flavored foods.

Visit a grocery store and find pumpkin themed foods.

You can even try this Fall Starbucks bundle.

Buy some Halloween candy.

Visit your local CVS or Walmart to buy some of your favorite Halloween candies.


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Drink Fall season teas.

Try an assortment of tea flavors from pumpkin to apple cinnamon by checking out some of these Fall tea flavors.

Write or doodle in a journal while taking in the Fall scenery.

Spend sometime in an area where you can clearly see the gorgeous Fall trees. Pull out a journal and write about what you feel.



I hope that you guys found these Fall self care ideas helpful for relaxation and for your mental health.


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Thanks in advance!


fall self care ideas


(11) Comments

  1. I definitely need this list as I feel depressed on the fall/winter months. Thanks for sharing this great tips for lifting up our moods.

  2. Gervin Khan says:

    These are great fall self care tips. My favorite things to do during fall season are reading a book, taking a walk with my husband and kids and writing on my journal.

  3. Lovely safe care ideas! Taking a walk at a park is a great way to feel more relaxed and increase the blood circulation in our body.

  4. Self-care is never late or early. It is a way we gotta care for ourselves in order to continue building on our dreams and future.

  5. Catherine Santiago Jose says:

    This is one of my favorite season of the year because I have more time to relax and enjoying the cooler weather. Walking going to the park is one of my favorite thing to do with my family.

  6. Kuntala Banerjee says:

    Very nice relaxing tips to celebrate the Fall season. It is always superb to watch the beautiful colors of the fall and enjoy some writing or a nice walk or some hot tea or coffee.

  7. Mudiefridays says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Pausing to take stock and think about our motivation for doing things is so important. This was a great read, thanks

  8. Bree says:

    I am really glad I found this post! I need ideas for my mental health through the colder months, thank you!

  9. I couldn’t agree more: fall is a lovely season, it is important to enjoy the best you can. I do need some golden leaves joy as well

  10. This post is perfect for anyone needing some distraction from busy life to just refocus their energy on themselves. Lovely post.

  11. Kylie says:

    Self Care is such an important topic at the moment, especially when some people can feel tired and stressed from the year! I’m going to share this with my colleagues, thanks!

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