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Dress like Jodie Landon with this Preppy Outfit

jodie landon

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Jodie Landon was one of my favorite characters on the 90’s show, Daria.

She was the intelligent African American girl who always shed light on a variety of situation from acceptance of the self to the focus of her parents focusing on over achievement versus enjoyment of life.

I am super excited that she maybe getting her own show starring Tracee Ellis Ross. I can’t wait to see how they focus on her character.

Today I figured I would show you guys a Jodie Landon outfit idea that you can actually wear as a Halloween costume.

Check it out!

Jodie Landon | Daria Costume Idea


jodie landon

Jodie usually wears a pink button down shirt, grey skirt, and black shoes.

Her style is very preppy, but stylish.

She also wears her hair in french braids.


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This is an easy Halloween costume idea that can be pulled off without too much effort.


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Thanks in advance.

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